Let the hammer drop.

oneabsolute 38

This is the deck I used at the Game On Chattanooga SMC Qualifier. I finished 1st at the end of 5 rounds of swiss to qualify for the SMC final in September. I have been tweaking this for the last 3 weeks trying to throw people off guard when they really are prepped for Whizzard. I lost 2 games in swiss. Losing with 6 points to core Weyland and 4 points to RP. Two more of my games were very lucky. Won 3 clicks into the game by run HQ in round 4 because the ice installed couldn't stop me. Round 5 defeated the only other 1 loss corp deck in turn 3 by stealing 9 points in my only three clicks due to enhanced login on naked R&D but I would have been flatlined turn 4 with the last run hadn't ended in an agenda.

It uses standard Anarch breakers with the help of Datasucker and Net-Ready Eyes. D4v1d also helps with accesses. Just have to keep putting pressure with runs and utilizing Imp and ID to trash operations. Hacktivist meeting can help in this department also when played when they cannot create a scoring window.

The splash that was really shined in my opinion has been Sneakdoor Beta. It allows to pressure all three centrals and still knock those needed operations out of their hand when they think they are safe. Other influence is Special order to help find the breakers quicker.

Currently the only thing I might change is Turntable for Grimoire but the added memory and the virus counter for parasites.