Tennin's Succesful Demonstration - Swiss Regional 3rd Place

RedV 241

Seeing the Washington regional Tennin decklist on nrdb inspired me to post my decklist, if not just to highlight a variant build and to promote this underappreciated ID

I have been playing this deck for the past 4 months and its initially inspired by No Siphon Please to battle the growing eater keyhole siphon meta. I stole his idea of including Successful Demonstration and Crisium Grid. As highlighted by Afishisborn, Crisium Grid really shines in Tennin due its double function in keeping the ID on and preventing the pesky successful run-trigger events.

This deck is played as a semi rush deck. Start off with covering the centrals and then proceed to building up two-three ice deep remote. Most of the time, you would install an agenda and not advance it. Once you have Caprice installed on remote and Nisei token, people tend to ignore the remote completely so you have the option of dropping the never advance tactic and just go full on advance.

This deck has plenty of econs to support rezzing some of the taxing ices. Succesful demonstration really pulled its weigh as most people would try to put pressure on Tennin by forcing the ICE rez. It goes really well with Nisei token and Caprice too. I find the single Medical Research Fundraiser + 2 Restructure to be more useful overall than 3 Restructure. It could kickstart your econ early game or help you come back from account siphon etc in worst case situation. Most of the time by mid game, I would be swimming in money anyway with this econ suite so it doesn’t matter whether I have another Restructure to make me even richer.

The ice suite is straight forward and it focuses on taxing the runner. I have been toying with different number of Eli, wall of static, quicksand, Firewall and Tollbooth but finally decided to settle for this combination for the regional. Looking back at it, I think I would put back Tollbooth instead of Firewall as the current list lacks taxing codegate against Net-ready eyed Yog.

I am pretty content with the agenda suite. Braintrust is chosen over Medical Breakthrough as I can reliably rush 3/2 with Trick of Light if need be. Yes, you could argue Medical Breakthrough is better when one or two have been stolen, but I would rather not let people steal my agenda to advance my game plan. The slight issue I had in the regional which costed me two games, was to find a final agenda, just any, to close the game. I might consider adding fast track.

That’s all. Any comments and questions welcomed.

24 Jun 2015 rnark

I helped @RedV playtest this deck and often felt frustrated despite knowing the game plan. It tends to get a good economic advantage and I think it's a strong deck overall.

Congratulations on your success at regionals!

24 Jun 2015 Chuftbot

This is brilliant, I love seeing successful builds for the less conventional (read: non-tree) Jinteki ID's. A couple questions:

How is Grim performing for you? Does the program trashing close off more opportunities for the runner than the bad pub opens?

What would you take out for Fast Track?

Do you think Meru Mati could serve as an alternative to Fire Wall?

24 Jun 2015 sruman

How about Wormhole over Firewall? It is fairly tough for yog + nre as well and can utilize the id ability.

25 Jun 2015 Dydra

Thumbs up from me! More Tennin!

25 Jun 2015 RedV

@Chuftbot Grim works pretty well for me. The bad pub doesnt bother me if i could snipe his key breaker (often fracter) at the right time.

I might drop one econ card (Succesful demonstration or Medical Research Fundraiser) to test out Fast Track.

I think I would rather play two Eli for that two influence instead of Meru Mati but i already have two Eli. I think Ice wall in this deck is serving as Meru Mati without adding the location constraint. Since money is usually not an issue, i would probably still prefer Firewall for its taxing property in the long run.

25 Jun 2015 b3ar

Nice Deck and thanks for sharing. I have to try that some time. Congratulations on your success from me as well.

25 Jun 2015 RedV

@sruman Wormhole is definitely worth a try. I think Tollbooth might still be the more taxing/robust one against large variety of runners. Even against boosted yog and D4v1d, it will cost runner three credits.

25 Jun 2015 Smashman

Congrats @RedV. Definitely an annoyance. The 2 turn The Future Perfect is very strong.

Also triple Successful Demonstration is OP...

25 Jun 2015 munchli21

It was an honor to lose against such a great player and deck :) Congrats again to third place!

25 Jun 2015 Hongkong Koma

Well played, @RedV. I enjoyed the match against you, it was very tight. As second best Tennin in Zurich, I officially confirm that you were the "Real Tennin". :-) Here, see my Tennin variant: netrunnerdb.com

25 Jun 2015 hbarsquared

I'm reading correctly that Crisium Grid and Successful Demonstration have an anti-synergy, right? Since a run on the Crisium server would not count as unsuccessful for the purpose of card abilities, SD wouldn't fire. I still like both cards in this deck, I just want to make sure I've got the ruling right.

25 Jun 2015 sruman

It's certainly possible that BrainTrust might be over-advanced an reduce ice cost, but I rarely see it happen. How about a philotic swapped in for 1 brain trust? Unlikely you'll ping for more than 1 or 2 dmg but still might pay off more than braintrust on average.

25 Jun 2015 Shulmey

@hbarsquared Crisium Grid doesn't affect unsuccessful runs at all. It only affects successful runs. The unsuccessful part of the card is to make sure that cards with bad effects on unsuccessful runs don't happen if the runner completed their run, like John Masanori. So you can still use Successful Demonstration even if they ran at a Crisium Grid.

25 Jun 2015 RedV

@hbarsquared I don't think there is any anti-synergy there. SD is useful when rezzing ETR ice. In the case that they do manage to go through and Crisium is rezzed, Tennin ability will still trigger.

Even if A runner is bounced off ETR ice with a rezzed Crisium Grid protecting the server, the run would still be considered unsuccesful and you could then play SD. Crisium only triggers the limbo state when the runner reaches the 'succesful run' phase before accessing cards.

25 Jun 2015 RedV

@sruman Yeah, you are right in a way. I would never over advance Braintrust. The two reasons why I didnt swap one with Philotic was 1. Braintrust could be targeted by Genetic Resequencing in few corner cases and 2. As you said, the minimal net dmgs might not make too much impact. It will be good story to tell though that one time it does flatline or ping important cards, :).

25 Jun 2015 Smashman

I think Genetic Resequencing is wishful thinking and you should swap that for the Philotic Entanglement, personally.

25 Jun 2015 RedV

@Smashman Ah, I must have forgotten to rewrite about that point after The PC crashed on me while writing this up the first time...

Up to a week before regional, I completely agreed with you and ran with Philotic instead of Resequencing which means I was running 21 instead of the 'optimum' 20 points. For some reasons after reading many discussions on the RP agenda suite and its agenda point density, I was convinced to go with 20 points, hence Resequencing.

I would agree its wishful thinking too but two out of the seven games in the regional, I scored Resequencing to give me the second Nisei tokens. You should see how despirited my opponents were, I actually felt bad... And in all these games, there were no situation where Philotic would have won me the game instead of Resequencing. Else i would have been fuming mad...

So bottomline, wishful thinking does happen huh, just like that triple Succesful Demonstration in your face, :).

25 Jun 2015 wompa164

Great deck. I spent many winter months playing Tennin, glad to see people showing it some love. I might go +1 Firewall -1 Ice Wall. Not sure how Lotus Field and Enigma will stack up in the age of Yog+NRE..

25 Jun 2015 ANRguybrush

gotta show krystian the deck. Well, I guess he already saw it...

25 Jun 2015 RedV

@wompa164 enigma and lotus field still shine as a taxing eyes against non NRE-yog deck and otherwise as a gear check against NRE and Yog. Do give it a go. My personal view is I need some really cheap ices for early games and hence the reason I didnt switch out ice walls.

@mcpba you are referring to Succesful Demonstration right? When i saw his card highlight, I was very pleased he highlighted all the situations SD is useful in. it really works wonders in EtR oriented decks. Whenever someone new played against this deck and was hit by the awesomeness of SD, I always directed him/her to that particular card highlight, :)

13 Jan 2016 Ereshkigal

Love the deck... Had great success with it in casual play. I splashed Tollbooth over Fire Wall. I 'll take it to a small Store Tournament and will inform you how it went. A small question though: where do you put Crick? Only protecting Archives? Thanks in advance...

13 Jan 2016 RedV

@Ereshkigal Heya. Yeah I am still liking this deck too. In my stable build, I also splash Tollbooth back in to replace Fire Wall.

Re: Crick, I use it almost exclusively to protect Archive indeed to deter people from running Archive to get that succesful run. I guess you could put it in a 'heavily run at' server if your Caprice Nisei or Crisium Grid has been trashed and the runner havent got a decoder yet but I imagine this would be a rare case.

13 Jan 2016 Ereshkigal

@RedV Thanks for answering so quickly. Before Crick I used a copy of Rainbow and a copy of Wall of Static and it worked very well. Now I 'll try Crick and I 'll post my thoughts. Thanks again for a great deck!

19 Jan 2016 Ereshkigal

Oh my... Crick is such a must in this deck. Excellent synergy with... almost anything (Crisium Grid, Caprice Nisei, Jackson Howard, ICE, even trashed Agendas. I t helped me score a Nisei MK II after firing its subroutine!

21 Jan 2016 RedV

@Ereshkigal yeah, [Crick] is a must for this archetype. I think two is the right number here.

Glad that you enjoy the decklist too. I find it's still strong even in the current meta.

21 Jan 2016 Ereshkigal

Yeah, it's a very frustrating deck for the runner. They have to change their way of playing, they need to accelerate, this deck moves fast, excellent agenda density, right number of ICE, very good economy. You can recover from Account Siphon quickly, you can advance slowly as the runner struggles to find his breakers. It's really funny when you score the second Nisei MK II! The frustration on their face...

5 Feb 2016 Ereshkigal

Hi again, took it to a small store tournament (unfortunately only 7 people there) and had two wins against Stealth Kate and Sunny. My runner unfortunately didn't make it, so... Had small changes: only one Eli 1.0 due to MWL, -1 Fire Wall +1 Tollbooth, -1 Medical Research Fundraiser +1 Cyberdex Virus Suite, -1 Eli 1.0 +1 Sensei. Try to push agendas early, closed the first game with Genetic Resequencing, closed the other with The Future Perfect, used only one Nisei MK II token. Won easily without being updated to the current meta (only Cyberdex Virus Suite, too many Anarchs).