Big Girls Say Goodbye, Sucker

gumonshoe 2973

It's a monolith deck and au revoir deck with net-ready yog, mimic, atman and datasuckers.

drops mic

+1 Levy +2 Net Celebrity +3 Quality Time -1 Clone Chip -2 Monolith -1 Net-Ready Eyes -1 Plascrete +3 Personal Workshop +1 Same Old Thing -1 Atman -1 Cerberus "Lady' H1

26 Jun 2015 Dothanite

does.... does this work?

27 Jun 2015 slakker

Clap, clap.....clap. ;)

27 Jun 2015 CatTurtleKid

I just straight up can't see how you get to the 18 credits needed to drop monolith in the first place.

27 Jun 2015 gumonshoe

Yeah, it works. I've yet to lose a game with it it works that well. Also played very little NBN. But, when you can take 12 in a turn and let personal workshop chip away at monolith, monolith becomes inevitable. You usually end up with a combination of programs in hand that will let you break any remaining ice (and you know all of the ice because of snitch), and you take the monolith off main run to spring a bunch before unknown programs onto the rig.

Last Winning Rig: 3x Au Revoir, 1x Snitch (economy) Breakers: Yog, Mimic, 2 data sucker, 2 atman (0&4) vs Jinteki. Takes care of most ice. 1 r&d interface meant that I would run R&D, and either run it again (only 2 creds to get in) or take 9/6/3 credits for later turns.

Don't even play net-ready eyes until you have to. Will update the first post with current changes.