SPAAACE! - It's where the sweet tech is.

whirrun 126

Hello, this is a brief write up of a deck I've been doing well with and, more importantly, enjoying a lot. I now offer it up to the Hivemind for improvement, discussion and others' enjoyment.

The theory behind it stems from the observation that Weyland have quietly been owning the first half of the San-San cycle, but not necessarily Weyland as we know it. This deck aims to use some of these newer cards to tax out the runner and dominate the late game.


ID - Gagarin; in my opinion a uniquely taxing effect relative to the amount of work on the corps part to achieve it, makes every asset and upgrade significantly better and lets you easily score a Chronos Project.

Agendas - Taxilicious. Chronos project is not for scoring out, see section on sweet tech. Utopia Fragment + NAPD is good.

Econ - BBG + assets. I wanted to try it, it's good. Great synergy with ID as mentioned above. Could go for capital investors + Pads, but I prefer the higher trash costs of PCs and Roots.

Ice - Weyland now has great taxing sentries. Used to run errand boy, but realised I had free influence. Negotiator MVP for hitting like a datapike; datapike emitted because yog. Quicksand has also rocked, runners will very rarely run through it once it's rezzed, which makes it better than wall of static.

Sweet tech - Loans, Towns, Chronos and Crisium. Why I built the deck. FFG are finally making glacier Weyland as viable as they thought they did with BWBI. They are also determined to give Weyland all the metagame answers they used to give to Jinteki. This deck aims to use these cards to controlthe lategame; Town vs Anarch, Loans vs Kate, Chronos vs everyone. These can all be tweaked around depnding on meta. Maybe bootcamp can be added (good vs Val + tutor).

A note on Corporate Town, Chronos is useless for scoring out so the forfeit isn't a big deal. 5 to trash is great, and people fear it enough to always pay and even hunt for it in remotes (which is just fine with me).

Can't think of much else to say. Kill Hactivism with Paywall, interns is good.

TLDR: Snowbally agendas with taxing ice and ID. Who'd have thought that could ever work?

25 Jun 2015 PurinaBisonChow

What happens if your opponent chooses to not run at you and eat the tax and, instead, just sets up their rig? Once a Net-Ready Eyes Anarch rig or a Stealth rig gets set up, they are going to walk all over you in mid-to-late game.

I know you're already aware since it's in your description, but I would absolutely consider replacing those Corporate Towns with Executive Boot Camps. I bet most people will, at worst, hit the Corporate Town and see that you have no agendas to rez it with and leave it until you have something to sacrifice it. Executive Boot Camp gets out those Roots and Student Loans faster, when you need them. Your ICE is also all really expensive. I know you want the deck to work best late game but you have to survive long enough to get there. I would consider replacing those Negotiators and a Quicksand with Ice Walls or Quandrys or a mix of them.

26 Jun 2015 whirrun

@PurinaBisonChow Thanks for the feedback!

With regards to setting up, you do have the potential to score early. Also, most Anarchs depend on resources for economy, which is the theory behind Corporate town. I will admit that whizzard is probably the worst matchup, but only if they deny your econ early.

-1 town -1 loans +2 bootcamp probably does make some sense. I don't like telegraphing corporate town though, so I might just swap the loans (less kate here than there used to be). I'm not worried about the ice cost, there are few agendas you hate to have stolen, and I commonly won't rez ice early. Once you do rez something, it's often enough of a tempo hit to the runner that you have time to stabilize.