They're Illusions Michael! 1.0

Danwarr 185

This is a first pass attempt at Geist that's been tested over a handful of games. After initially using the Criminal Cloud suite, better known as Breaking and Entering (B&E), during draft this past Fall I was very interested in an ID that has good synergy with them. Additionally, this is an attempt make a Criminal deck more in the "Calimsha/Blitz Kate"/"Reg-Ass MaxX" mold that focuses on quality accesses/runs than traditional Criminal builds that focus more on run based econ and quantity of accesses powered by Desperado, Security Testing, Dirty Laundry etc.

The real MVPs of the deck so far are Clone Chip, Symmetrical Visage. and Street Peddler. Visage is incredible with B&E, and generally most of the deck, because the cost curve of the deck is very low. This means that there is a high probability that the card drawn using Visage can hit the table immediately.

Clone Chip is obviously an incredible card ( I personally think it is probably the best card in the game at this time), and all of the power levels of Clone Chip seen in Kate and MaxX are on display here with the additional benefit of maintaining tempo because of Geist's ability.

Street Peddler works extremely well in this deck due to the low event density, which is not typical of most Criminal decks. The ability to install at paid ability speed, and gain a card is fantastic. Being able to keep information away from the Corp is fantastic. Additionally, the -1 install cost generally means the card being installed is hitting the table for free.


Initially, I considered using Underworld Contact because of the obvious combo of Forger and the B&E suite. After consideration, however, I decided this was a trap because Forger is to be used as an expendable resource to help save money and clicks primarily on Account Siphon runs, but as well as Data Raven et al. I've found Data Folding to be much more flexible and easier to maintain.

Symmetrical Visage, as previously mentioned, is fantastic.

Finally, Kati Jones rounds out the econ for the mid to late game to help fuel Medium runs using the Central breakers.

e3 Feedback Implants are used to support Grappling Hook, which is the Criminal D4v1d, as well as to make Bioroids exceptionally easy and cheap to break.

The general strategy so far has been to make early Siphon runs for cheap using B&E, as well as make smart Legwork runs. During "downtime" flood the field with Clone Chips and breakers while loading Kati. Between cheap Account Siphon runs, the drip econ from Data Folding, and using Visage you should have enough credits to continue building your side of the board without having unload Kati early. It is generally inadvisable to attack R&D early unless the ice protecting it is cheap or you can make 2-3 Medium runs in a turn after playing Medium.

Final Thoughts:

I've thought about replacing Femme with Alias, however, the bypass functionality seems to good to give up.

I would like to include another Street Peddler if possible, but the influence seems to tight.

I haven't had to use Levy AR Lab Access, but it could be needed to reset Clone Chips.

I could see some problems with RP and Caprice so Drive By or Unregistered S&W '35 might need to find their way into the deck at some point.

Advice and/or thoughts greatly appreciated!

(Name inspired by @hhoo of

27 Jun 2015 coyotemoon722

I don't see how Forger is an expendable resource if you need it for cloud memory purposes. Since B&E requires other breakers to be installed to have any strength at all, you need the 2 link. I really love the concept of the deck, but I'm not seeing the B&E thing clearly here.

27 Jun 2015 Danwarr

Generally, if you used B&E during a Siphon run, there is enough MU remaining to trigger Data Folding the next turn which means it is safe to trash Forger saving you 2, a , and giving you a draw. Obviously it's important to evaluate each situation, but using Forger early for Siphon runs has been very effective. Later in the game, there are times I wish I had Underworld Contact, but Data Folding triggers a large portion of the early game. If you've been loading Kati early, she should have plenty of money by the time Data Folding stops being effective. At least this has been my experience.

28 Jun 2015 coyotemoon722

Yeah I see your point but my point was that your full rig should probably include Forger. Otherwise you don't have the link for the b&e breakers.

28 Jun 2015 Danwarr

You're "full rig" does use Forger. Forger is just to be triggered primarily in the early game. Don't be afraid to trash it just because you have some cloud breakers installed. 4 MU is quite a lot when most of your rig disappears after a run. Also, the largest number of B&E breakers I've ever had out at one time was 3. With two other breakers installed, this means all you have to do is use 1 of the B&E before it is "safe" to trash Forger. Just be smart about when you trigger it.

29 Jun 2015 hi_impact

Disposing the forger to clear is something some just can't get their head around.

You won't always have 5+ breakers installed. Two runs can easily cost you 4. And 3 x Forger means you might as well use it. Expecting to have so many disposable breakers out that you can snub a curtain wall is silly.