They're Illusions Michael! 2.0

Danwarr 185

So I made a handful of changes based on a few games and some learnings about using the B&E suite.

Because Geist is not Andy, he needs a certain amount of draw early to help put your tools on the board. During games with the previous version, I found I spent a number of turns drawing up instead of spending clicks to build my side of the board. Earthrise Hotel helps fix that issue. Fall Guy helps as well and it is probably one of the better econ cards Geist can see.

The Maker's Eye just works better than Medium for this type of deck that only makes targeted runs.

Sneakdoor Beta allows for some archives pressure where previously there was none. I considered a build with Datasucker instead, but I found I wasn't really making enough runs for them to be worthwhile.

Street Peddler is still amazing at giving you options.

Shiv acts primarily as a strength booster but can be used in a pinch.

Symmetrical Visage is probably the 46th card here, but it is nice to see at any point in the game.

Advice and/or thoughts greatly appreciated!

(Name inspired by @hhoo of

30 Jun 2015 xjohncandyx

Is Levy totally necessary? It's included in most Geist decks so far but I've excluded it from my own. Of course, I haven't played Geist at all so maybe it's purely ignorance. I also include Corroder/Zu with the influence so maybe it's just different flavors.

Do you think this is enough economy? I went down the drip route but it eats a lot of deck space.

30 Jun 2015 Danwarr

I'm not 100% sure about Levy. There are games where I've used it and games where I haven't. I like think it more as an insurance thing to reset after you burst in the mid game. If you are not running Corroder/Zu.13, then I think you definitely want Levy, and it needs to be timed right. Maybe when you are about 3/4s of the way through your deck? I think it can be switched to Corroder/Zu.13 to prevent some remote lock out, but you might need a bit more econ and it means you might have to win in the middle portion of the game.

As far as econ goes, this works surprisingly well. The low cost curve of the deck means that even landing 1 Account Siphon or playing 1 Sure Gamble makes for a huge burst. Runs are generally inexpensive too which is great. Seeing Kati early is nice as always and given the large amount of draw there is a very good chance you see her and can load a few times before going off on a few Siphon/Legwork/Maker's turns in a row.

7 Jul 2015 Ver

Have you considered Crash Space against Weyland that wants to burn your house down? Or do You just fire some trash effects and draw cards? I swapped one Fall Guy for one Crash Space and gonna do some testing. It could help with tags from siphons too.