Death From Above

Badeesh 211

Thank you very much to @Nicoleymoley's Meat is Murder Blue Sun build. When faced with the (pimp) embossed plastic ID, this is my best effort at a workable Gagarin build. If you managed to pick one up, I know you're doing the same thing right now!

Simple idea, substitute out all the op economy for must trash asset economy, force a big economic swing, then kill the runner with fat traces. Gagarin is the best place for Weyland to stack up a massive remote economy, and the extra effort required to run on em means you generally stay quite well ahead in the credit race.

If they leave em alone, become silly rich and build into a multiple turn scorch fest.

Give it a whirl! Seems to be working out pretty darn well so far!

1 Jul 2015 Badeesh

Linked for those that wanna check out the inspiration.