Gagarin, Expanding the Hate

RedNomad 8

A new way of Weyland. The idea is to get the runners cards in the heap and keep them there.

Underway Renovation, Housekeeping, Powershutdown and Destroyer ice to get the runners Rig in his heap. Blacklist to keep it there. Studentloans to capitalize on this board state.

Gagarin might help keep your assets alive.

I'm not sure if this deck has enough economy to make this work. Its more of a starting position for this type of deck, so please comment on what you think will improve it.

Discussion on Reddit

1 Jul 2015 hi_impact

Needs some Corporate Towns. Just 1 probably.

1 Jul 2015 Saan

I like the concept of the deck, but it needs a buncha-cruncha more money for the size ice it has and everything you want to advance.

2 Jul 2015 RedNomad

Corporate Town looks like an interesting include. Which agendas would you think to be reasonable to forfeit?

This deck indeed needs more Econ. Any idea on what might be good includes? Spend influence on campaigns or something else? Cheaper Ice?

3 Jul 2015 Benjen

I'm trying something similar with Blue Sun: Powering the Future. I think if you can make an Underway Renovation dump a bunch of cards in the trash and then score out a Chronos Project, you are going to ruin someone's day. If that is the case, you could ditch Blacklist and use the influence on something else. Not sure what. Maybe a surprise Ichi 1.0.

As far as Corporate Town, trash an Underway renovation. Yeah, you dumped a bunch of cash into it, but who cares. The point was never to score it anyway.

Also, wondering if The Root could work as a way to not spend money on the advancements.