Red Denial v2.0

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paddosan 3351

I wasn't entirely satisfied with the previous versions of this Red Denial deck, so I decided to change a lot of things. I don't believe you always need multiple access (Medium / Nerve Agent or the HQ / R&D Interfaces), especially not when you're dominating the game.

This deck uses 4 MU for IBs + a Datasucker, and 3 MU granted by Deep Red for the Cäissa programs (ideally 2 Knight and 1 Rook in mid / late game).

There's also plenty of economy, to allow you to repeatedly trash things like SanSan (even if re-installed by Interns), and to defend yourself against tag n bag traces. Compromised Employee is there for the same reasons, plus it's always a good thing to have a passive mean of income that might happen during a Run.

It's a rather simple deck, but does one thing definitely well: allows you to run wherever you want, and often for a cheap price too, considering how much a rez will cost to the Corp (and the extra credits you might earn from it).