kjncl 62

My changes to the pretty famous Waldemar Deck. I wasn't getting the needed millage out of Red Herrings and Encryption Protocol. 6 Influence and 6 deck slots could be put to better use for me. So I replaced them with traps.

Here's what I like about it: Hacktivist meeting has less teeth, All I have to do is install 3 assets on my turn, or install advance, then install again. The runner must check them because of the 3-2's in the deck. If the runner doesn't check them, score a 3-2 in a naked remote. Problem solved.

Traps add a lot of legitimacy to mandatory upgrades. If the runner steals a Mandatory early, your traps become way more deadly, (IE a 4 advanced cerebral or junebug really looks like your trying to score a mandatory) If they see the trap off R&D, scoring a Mandatory looks like a trap.

All of the things that made waldemar great (Mostly Mandatory Upgrades and 46/49 cards being able to trigger ETF's ability) still apply here. Score the mandatory, I have never lost a game with one of those scored. If they steal it, try again, or try the traps.