[CerebralStatic] Cybernetic Challenge - Ben's Meatgrinder Cy

CerebralStatic 11

Deck challenge number one and we are kicking it off with Cybernetics! Ever since it was spoiled, I've dreamt of an HB that could kill with it's brain damage might and now is finally the time.

Originally I looked into making it a Valley Grid deck, but I didn't like relying on an upgrade that was easy to trash in the early game and required easy to break ETR subroutines. Since Brain damage isn't usually terribly sudden or violent, I wanted to make it so that my deck could threaten either points, brain damage or death in advanced remotes.

The base of the deck is pretty straight forward. I went with a bioroid ice suite because I can tax clicks while threatening brain damage. Ryon Knight is an easy way to land brain pain, especially when the runner wants to click through bioroids. Private Contracts will give you the cash to get set up and Shell Corporation with a failed Cerebral Overwriter will secure your economy for the rest of the game.

Next was figuring out my tricksiness. Unfortunately many cards that deal multiple points of damage require some interaction from the runner- Scorch needs tags, Punitive needs an agenda steal, and both need money. I decided the best option is to spend most of my influence on Ronin because it can quickly enable the kill without having double the runner's money. Landing even two brain damage can still be a tricky task, so Neural EMP's were added to make sure the runner flatlines.

In testing, Ronin and EMP definitely got the job done. It seemed a lot of opponent's didn't expect the Neural EMP's, and they were the stars of the show most of the time. The best part about this deck is the ability to quickly kill when you see your window, but it takes a bit of reading the board state to know when to IAA the Ronin when you have en EMP and think the runner is planning a big turn.

-Ben @BraveReality