Echoes of Truth 1.01

siowy 185

Get multiple false echo, medium and clone chip onto the table, then blackmail and bounce all the R&D ice. Then access their whole deck or trash it with 2 demolition runs. 3 knights and blackmail pressure the remote and HQ. Knights also sit on ice rezzed by ABT or OAI(except curtain wall). Caprice, ash, crisium aren't issues because you bounce all the ice and can just run again. If they stack 7/8/9 ice on R&D, blackmail HQ, vamp them and laugh at their ice tower. If they ABT anything that is 2 strength or less, you can tutor up parasite with djinn to get rid of it before accessing their whole deck.

You need to kill EBC with fire, or lose. You also lose to bad pub removal.

I played this list except without the parasite and with another same old thing. Missed the top 8, but the deck performed okay at 3-2 against 2 RP, 2 HB and 1 PE.

-1 Demo Run +1 Amped Up could be better.

9 Jul 2015 #endgame

Oh wow. False Echo/Blackmail is a lovely combination. Well spotted.

9 Jul 2015 siowy

Yea I was just browsing through all the cards and I spotted this gem. Built some prototypes and tested them, then looked up the net to see if anyone else had done the same. Someone else mentioned the combo but they said false echo was still bad.

This deck should show the potential of the combo! (even if it's a somewhat fragile combo)