Greenhouse Batty (GNK 2nd)

Dis 422

Took this down to a GNK in Edinburgh and went 4-1 finishing second overall.

Deck performed really well! The one loss I had the final agenda in a caprice-batty server with two Nisei tokens at the ready, the only way I'd lose is if they had 3 Vamps in hand (spoiler - they had three vamps in hand).

In the final match against the guy who placed first (a strong regass maxx player who won every other of his runner games) I managed to come back from being 6-2 down with no cards installed, my greenhouse used and nisei counter spent. Ichi+Batty can just annihilate anarchs who haven't saved their clone chips no matter how many datasucker token they have, and I was then able to shove out two future perfects for the win (first whilst he rebuilt and second whilst he Levy'd)


Caprice+Batty+a cheap ETR is a ridiculous server for any runner to get into in one turn, especially if they waste any clicks setting up, and one turn is all the Greenhouse needs. Add in ice that demand specific answers like Excalibur and Susan and Ichi and it becomes an even more difficult proposition.

General first turn will be a bunch of economy operations followed by building the remote on the second turn.

You do need to trust your agendas to defend themselves in R&D, leaving just a pup or Eli on there most of the game (Batty+Ichi can be a nasty surprise on R&D though), with most of your ice going on the scoring remote.

With operation economy you can dodge the current meta thats full of asset hate, and use your operations to move agendas from the deck to the remote without issue.

Specific cards

Spent a bunch of influence on sweeps week because I wanted more things I could play on turn one and things that let you bounce back fast from going all out on the remote.

I wanted to fit some cortex locks in there (gotta condition the meta to fear cortex batty!) but couldn't find the room.

Only scored Chronos once, but since it took out an PPVP Kate's atman and led them to having no way to break a Susan I think it was worthwhile?