Valencia's Mega DLR v3

spanargoman 84

Swapped out Crypsis for Faust. Faust works better for various reasons. It has a cheaper install cost. It doesn't require a click for each ice you plan to break with it. It can't be screwed over by Cyberdex Virus Suite. Most importantly unlike Crypsis, it doesn't compete with Theophilius Bagbiter for your s. After Levy AR Lab Access, only Blackmail, Déjà Vu and Same Old Thing are useful so everything else becomes Faust fodder.

Wanton Destruction made sense for a deck with additional s. And now with a functional breaker, this adds the threat of clearing out Agendas/FA/Flatline cards from HQ. And you should have enough s when fully set up to even do a SOT Wanton run. Swapped out one copy of Data Leak Reversal for Wanton cause I figured I didn't need to see DLR that early so two copies was sufficient.

See the description of Valencia's Mega DLR for a more detailed explanation of how the deck works.