Industrial Supremacy (6th place - Qualifier Dresden)

Lorgar 78

I got 6th in the the Dresden Qualifier Tournament for the German Nationals along with an Switchblade/Yog Stealth Andy (15 players). My IG is a kind of eco control deck, draining the runners eco. Its no kill deck, but still has the potencial to flatline a runner when he's no cautious enough.

Styles of playing: Usually I either ICE up all centrals with one ice first then building up the remotes or, if I see an early Melange or Sundew, I cover them behind ICE, making money some turns and build then further remotes. Important in playing IG is to draw cards. Usually I place as soon as possible a Jackson and draw 4 cards, firing all I don't need into the archive plus Shock!s and the Shi.Kyu. During midgame I build a 2-3 deep scoring remote with Caprice and Ash and wait for a scoring window. Very rarely runner hack into the scoring remote because its just too dangerous losing many credits for a failed Psi-game.

Choice of cards: I tried variants with 10 ICE but it was too risky against Indexing or early game Account Siphon (Siphons in midgame don't matter, because you can either evacuate your money in rezzing assets (Hostile Infrastructure is just perfect for this) or it doesn't matter because you recover immediately by PADs and Sundews. I had a build but changed it to the current because I had too many STR 4 ICE which is dangerous against Atman. I have to say that the Pup was the mosft valuable ICE that day. It could be easily added to effect-ICE at the centrals just to demotivate the runner running. Against Reina I rezzed a Pup for 3 cred and forced her into 2 netdamage, discarding a Parasite, so the Pup defended itself. Even if the runner is able to parasite it he received net damage by the Hostile Infrastructure and has to use more mone then you. Other considerations about ICE is that only one Ashigaru is too few. You should play two in order to place it in your scoring remote in midgame. The Tsurugis are perfectly flexible and the Quicksands were also worth their money. They could for example dissuate a Gabe checking HQ too often.

I went down to one Hokusai Grid because I trashed the second copy too often. Its mainly an Upgrade for the Archives but could also defend you against keyhole. Caprice and Ash are both important. If you place them clever you could defend with them your scoring remote and R&D parallel. I wanted to play also Batty but haven't found a wayable solution yet.

The assets I tested in many matches. I'm convinced by the Hostile Infrastructure. They often prevent the Runner touching our other assets. Even if he trashes them it will be increadibly expansive and opens up scoring windows for you. One Shi.Kyu is fine. Usually I go for only one netdamage as a 4th Shock! If I may kill him with 2 or 3 creds and I have the money I may thread him later in the game.

The Enhanced Login Protocol I don't play too early usually in midgame when I succed to tax runs on R&D a bit. As the runner doesn't want to discover snare!s your HQ isn't threaten so much. R&D is you weakspot, close it up with additional ICE during the game. And never go below 4 creds. You have to able to fire Snare! at anytime.

I think a slim agenda package is the best for IG. Nevertheless I may test also Chronos Project because there are still far too many PPVP Kates out there.

Feel free to comment. I looking forward to improve this deck for the German Nationals in August.

6 Jul 2015 zzzthemaskzzz

three mining corp seems a bit much for me, maybe change to Turtlebacks?

7 Jul 2015 Lorgar

Thank you for the tip! I even haven`t thought about the Turtlebacks yet. Usually the condition can't match with a PAD campaign but maybe in my deck it works. I'll give it a try.