Exiled Faerie 2.0

Chio 14

Faerie recursion, To use as super economic running, so pressure can be applied unexpectedly and when its needed.

The plan is to get in to anything, but only a few times. Hence Makers Eye rather than RDI and a few others...

Yes, not having plascrete has killed me, but I dont want to drop something to theme just to counter something that might come up

Decided on exile rather than kate because there are so few cards to get discounts on, and so much recursion.

A comment suggested I add in Shefluglebuster as it can turn the not discounts from kate into a bit of cash from all the 0 cost programs and recursion. Like the idea, went with it and decided to change the rest of the econ around a little as well.

Since I have noticed this deck needs big hunks of money now and then more than trickles of money to keep running every turn. Hopefully this will let me use big money with Femme to break later Sentries when I have run out of Faeries to recur.