Suboptimal Awakening Center for the Mentally Ungifted

teky 83

The deck is named this way because, in the first iteration, it ran 54 cards...

I've cut it down to 49 only because FFG sleeves packs come in packages of 50...

Simple idea, spawn bioroids everywhere, make superexpensive and click intensive remotes and complete them with AC and anything inside it...

The real deals here are the refinery and the reversed, great for luring runners into your scoring remote, damned if they run, damned if they don't :)

One Liz in case of Valencia.

Predictive algorithm it's just great with NAPD.

Heinlein for the lulz and to drain the runner so they can't trash the awakening and you can keep using it :)

It's mainly a casual deck, I could just tweak it a lot and get the standard glacier, but I don't want to, so if anyone has some feedback on new ideas that won't turn the deck into the same old archetype are pretty welcome!

I still would like to test this in a Stronger Together, but the money boost having from installing something every single turn is just awesome.