Hayley's Eggs

Dydra 2773

This is a Mega Turn deck that I'm working on.

The idea is the following:

1) Setup MO and Hyper on the Leprechauns

2) Game Day + Beach Party + Diesel + SMC to find everything you need

3) After Setup is done you go : Sell Beach Party ( 4 clicks) + 3x Hyper ( 9 clicks) =13 clicks + amped up = 15 clicks + 3 clicks from all-nigther = 18 clicks. If there is a second Ampaed up available go to 20 clicks.

Depending if you were able to run a central and get Dataleak earlier or not, assuming u did, run with John, self-tag, mill for 17-19 cards and last click Hades Shard or/and Emergency Stimhack Crypsis into R&D

4) You don't care for the damage from Amped Up/ Stimhack due to your large... hand size

5) It is possible to get in a Stim Dealer ( I had it in my earlier version) but decided that Fall Guy would be better, since with Haylays ability you will be able to setup fast the DLR and Fall-guys, so the corp can't trash your combo in 1 turn.

It is very likely that you will be able to mill them to defeat, even if you don't run the archives. Especially if they can't trash your DLRs.

Q: Why Hayley is the right choice for this type of deck?

A: Because of her setup-speed.

7 Jul 2015 sruman

Interesting, given the potential huge draw, are 3 masanori's and 3 fall guys required? Perhaps finding influence for 1 or 2 of box-e might work -- more potential game day draw and helps provide memory if not finding all the leprechauns you want.

7 Jul 2015 Dydra

@sruman Hmmmm ... interesting. My main point of having 3 John Masanori is for Consistency reason. You wouldn't want to be on your turn 5 or 6 ( when I expect this deck to be setup) and not have your tag-mechanic since he "unlucky" got stacked in the last 5-10 cards left.

There is definitely some potential here for changes, just needs to be put down to the test.

2 Aug 2015 Trypios

this is a great fun deck, I wonder why it didn't get more likes

3 Aug 2015 Dydra

Most people rate up generic decks, just because they won some tournament, or because they placed top 8, top 16 ... at regionals :)

This isn't such a deck, so obviously some other ones got more upvote in the week it was released.

On the other hand, this isn't fully playtested (15-20 games), so hard to say where its flaws lay.

3 Aug 2015 Trypios

well, I'm certain this is not a top tier deck and won't go really well at a tournament...but it's a hell of an idea. Like that Whizzard's weird trick but a 10x better and more fun

3 Aug 2015 Dydra

Oh yes, this to my knowledge, is the best mega-turn deck that you can put up atm, considering ID and cardpool and all.

I'm not sure about the future potential since Data and Destiny will bring a lot of tacking and the Old Holywood ID won't go easy on such 1-turn mega access, but it's still pretty fun.