Kit Belgian National

dudu0123 5

Classical but still fun to play. put early pressure on the corp central server, take your time to instal your rig and economy and then go trough everything you want (RD is better ^^)

7 Jul 2015 sruman

Given Kit's limited influence, are you finding career fair worth it given only 5 "full value" targets you want to install (and utopia shard probably want to get from an HQ run instead of paying). It would seem that a parasite (have 3 clone chips) might be better influence value with a modded slotted in as well ( 6 targets there).

8 Jul 2015 clercqie

Loved playing against you man! It was a close one.

The Career Fair is a good call as since you're using Dagger, you'll need a lot of money to pass multisub sentries. And there's no influence for Switchblade. I played some Stealth Kit as well, and the amount of Stealth credits here is the right one I think. Not too much redundancy, enough to get up and running early.

Congrats on your performance again!