Dealing with what I have (Ken Express)


Well... I made another noobish deck using my limited card pool (2core + Genesis Cycle). Thanks to one mate kindness I got some interesting identities to mess around with. One of them was this Ken guy.

It is hard to think something that could work in current Netrunner meta while having access only to Genesis cycle. This is some experiment that I made. It worked quite well against my few opponents (brother and girlfriend who are also noobs and use same card pool as I do lol).

Nothing interesting to be honest. I am posting this deck to get feedback, so I could get some ideas how to make the best use of my poor card pool.

I like Social Engineering + Forged Activation + Cortez Chip (Sometimes Extra Emergency Shutdown) combo. Not so sure how useful it could be against nowadays meta.

Also I love Mr Li card. I prefer to use card draw engine that allows me to keep what I actually need rather than drawing tons of cards that I currently don't need (I hate discarding stuff).

Crash space for tags/meat damage combo.

Snitch for some extra trolling.

Give me some thoughts.

Thank YOU

8 Jul 2015 W4lt3r B15h0p

Since you are running Crash Space I'd go ahead and drop the Muresh Bodysuit and either add another Crash Space or not replace it and stay at 45 cards. I like how you are making lemonade out lemons. I like your breaker suite although i think adding another Faerie would be good. Drop the Snitch and you have that extra slot for Faerie. I am concerned about your econ. It's not bad but it's not great. Drop one of the Social Engineering, drop the Sneakdoor Beta, add Magnum Opus and another Account Siphon. By no means I'm 100% certain that these suggestion would work but i figured I'd throw in my 2 cents on another way to tweak it and possibly accomplish good results.

12 Jul 2015 EZ2GO

Tnx for respond , sir.

Well it was my first try as Ken. I know I should try to maitain golden number of 45 but its hard. I removed Sneakdoor Beta since .. well it just has no place in this build. I also removed muresh body suit since its more situational card.

As for economy I added 1 A.S. Social Engineering, though situational, provides me enough goodies and with forged activation it has 90% to successeed.

Sorry for my bad english.