The Gates to Knowledge 1.0

Dydra 2773

I've recently experimented with Code Gates in Nisei Division and the results were more than outstanding. Sensei is a severely underused card and it can create for a lot of pain. I was playing somewhat really stupid ICE on a first look Lockdown, Snowflake ... and one Sensei in front of them turns for a sure end-the run on snow-flake and end-the run on Lockdown ... It was taxing beyond expectations

Imagine also Crick + Mark up on Archives ... 3 str Code Gate + 6 str Code gate with end the run and re-install sub :)

Encrypted Portals is to boost up ICE str for Yogg + Netready eyes (although I'm still yet to see people around me playing that) and of course to further leverage your Code Gate Count.

The Agenda Suit I can't tell if it is the best. This will need Testing, however I was impressed by the Tennin with remote that pop-uped recently, so I'll give a chance to TFPs and Niseis suit.

Marcus Batty so you end-the-run on server which they pass and of course Caprice and Crisium for further Tennin abuse.

The singlethon of Sunset is to fix a crappy card draw with early Senseis and make a proper taxing end-game.

10 Jul 2015 Dydra

I've been tweaking with the list a bit, having 2 crick and 2 sensei seem a little bit too much ICE without end-the run.

I've went to -1 on Sensei, -1 on crick , - 1 on Sunset ( if you have a single Sensei, just keep him and put on 2-3 ICE layer server).

Added + 1 mother Goddes , + 2 Enigma ...

These are still changes in testing. Don't like that Enigma starts at 2 STR and even with 2 Protocols it will still be rather low and passable with Yogg-Netready.

Have to think of a good replacements.

10 Jul 2015 Disaster Area

Good to see something different. You appear to be set up to exclusively ETR and get a Tennin token or benefit financially (Succ Demon) from the poor run. Apart from Ice Wall, you have nowhere to put that token that will directly benefit your game state. I guess if Ice Wall is not out, you throw it somewhere else then hope to TOL it back into play later on?

10 Jul 2015 Dydra

Well, the ToL is there to use the tennin tokens for advancing Agendas. I wouldnt waste a ToL to rotate advances onto Icewall.

I'b bouncing a lot of ideas, because Quicksand looks perfect for Tennin, which will free 3 influence from.Icewall so we import Nebula and Wormhole ....

10 Jul 2015 Disaster Area

wrt to Icewall, I didn't explain properly ...doh. I meant to put on Icewall, as at least it improves your game state, but then to TOL them from there onto your agendas. I like your Quicksand idea, and yeah those Constellation ICE. Looking forward to your next iterations...

11 Jul 2015 IonFox

Interesting deck idea. I could even see you putting in a couple will o the wisp and going in an "undecodable" direction. One more thing, tennin doesn't work with quicksand. It uses power, not advancement tokens.

11 Jul 2015 Wrecko

Nice deck.

Around Order and Chaos I did well in a couple of tournaments with a similar deck, in terms of ice composition. Tenma Line is actually really effective. I focused more on high strength ice rather than traditional "good ice" like Enigma. If you can guarantee the ice is in a good position then Bandwidth is better than Tollbooth. I also went with in faction (asset based) economy so I could splash for more ice. RSVP is great with Caprice Nisei and Viper is excellent as well. To continue the taxing theme, I went with NAPD Contract rather than Nisei MK II. As @IonFox mentioned, I also got a lot of mileage with Will-o'-the-Wisp.

Thanks for posting this, I'm inspired to update my deck for the meta and give it another spin.

11 Jul 2015 Dydra

Thanks for the feedack guys. Some really interesting ideas that I didn't think about ( especially Bandwidth and RSVP).

@IonFox yes Quicksand generates power tokens, the thing I had in mind is that the runner wants to run often against Tennin so he can deny the corp tokens. If he runs often he boosts the Quicksand Tokens ... pretty sweet in my opinion :)

@Wrecko some very solid suggestions here. I'm not sure if the correct path is going full on Code Gates. A few barriers will demand some gear check, while Markus Batty, for example, with Nebula can trash their breaker in an important time.

Sadly asset economy does not cut it out in Tennin Institute: The Secrets Within, because they can run the asset to deny you your ID's token :(

11 Jul 2015 Wrecko

Good point on the assets with Tennin. I didn't think of that.

I like the Nebula idea, it would also go well with Wormhole if you could squeeze in the influence. It might be a different deck at that point, though.

5 Aug 2015 melipone

Nice deck, I'm testing a similar tennin-code gate setup. As other people have already mentioned, Will-o'-the-Wisp is great for weeding out pesky decoders and creating an easy score window.

I find the ice selection to be the most tricky aspect. How does Ashigaru work out for you? In addition to the Tollbooth it seems very expensive. I've been running 3x Wormhole as an alternative to Ice Wall and the rate of free advancement tokens usually gives a rez for 3 or less.

17 Aug 2015 Dydra

Oh yeah, I actually made a few games with a bit changed decklist and I'm still yet to lose a game with it. I got Wormhole and Nebula and let me tell you, 9 STR Wormhole is just a show-stopper for MANY decks. :)

I thought I uploaded the 2.0 version, but it seems I haven't :)

The deck is about tier 1.5, especially when most people won't expect and play their shitty code gate breakers like Zu or Yog ... you will chop them apart :)