1.21 gigawatts. Great Scott!

Shockeh 751

An alternative deployment of the ever-so-adorable "Batty Hole" gimmick, using NEXT ICE as an alternative set of conditions to trigger.

Cyberdex Virus Suite is deployed purely to foil Sucker/Parasite nonsense, it could easily be retasked to something else, and Fenris is because I think it's critically underrated, and it's fine to give them a Bad PR if they no longer have any way to actually break Subroutines, because their breakers are in the bin, or better...

"The appropriate question is, "When the hell are they?" You see, Einstein has just become the world's first time traveler! I sent him into the future. One minute into the future to be exact. And at precisely 1:21 a.m. and zero seconds, we shall catch up with him and the time machine.

Yes. Marcus Batty is clearly Dr. Emmett L. Brown, and Chronos Project is a thing. It even has his dog, Einstein!

12 Jul 2015 Shockeh

Oh, and there's a debate to be had between Fenris or Ichi 1.0 - Ichi is better for Wormhole antics (as you can't click through) so it's probably worth a try.

13 Jul 2015 Shockeh

Realised on first play that Executive Boot Camp being able to tutor Cyberdex Virus Suite means you only need one, so will swap it now!

13 Jul 2015 Shockeh

(Wait, no it doesn't. Shut up @Shockeh.)

15 Jul 2015 gotsanity

runner runs on remote with wormhole... wormhole fires, resolve architect from another server, install batty on server being ran, fire off the psi game, trigger wormhole again... resolve the next gold sitting over R&D... makes batty fire off anywhere. i love it.

19 Jul 2015 Shockeh

Slight changes after a few plays.....



Cerebral was just to keep runners on their toes, and Executive/Jackon switch was you don't need EBC until you've got good income, but you do want J-Ho asap.

Top (pointless, but funny) Play you can make:

  • Architect Installed & Ressed (via EBC)
  • Wormhole Installed (unressed) on scoring remote
  • NEXT Gold at whatever level

Runner runs Remote. Res Wormhole. Wormhole is unlikely to be broken by most Runners, simply by virtue of being a 7Str Code Gate. Wormhole triggers Architect. Architect Sub installs Batty. Trash Batty. Trigger Wormhole. Wormhole triggers NEXT Gold Sub. Twirl your mustache.

21 Jul 2015 Shockeh

Slight adjustment to Agendas: