Stealth Replicayley 7/13

Nacobs 1

This deck is filled with things to install, particularly hardware, to make use of the synergy between Hayley's ability and Replicator. The biggest problem I had in earlier versions was that I was always missing one crucial piece - didn't have enough MU, couldn't find Replicator, or didn't have stealth credits. Enter Tyson Observatory. Tutoring a hardware for two clicks seems like a huge tempo hit, and it is to some extent, but it's mitigated by Hayley's ability. If you have Replicator and Switchblade out but no Silencers, it's possible to (1,2) tutor out Silencer, (3) install Silencer, replicate, and install another, replicating again to hold the final Silencer in hand, and (4) run without fear of sentries.

Stealth makes deck space tight, so Tyson has the secondary benefit of allowing you to run 1x of Box-E, Feedback Filter, and Plascrete Carapace, but still be able to fetch them if you need them. Finally, I was having the issue of wasting Hayley's ability by installing Ghost Runner since it was the only resource in the deck. With 3x of each, it's usually possible to install Tyson in the same click as a Ghost Runner.