Fast Advance - Jack of all trades

Nushura 86

Straightforward Fast Advance. Force the runner to pay a lot of credits per run.

When Fear and Loathing comes, Corporate War should change into Market Research. Likewise paper wall should change to Wraparound

19 Feb 2014 paddosan

How do you force the runner to pay a lot?

Most of your ICE is low on strength and/or depends on traces. Besides 14 pieces of ice out of 49 cards might translate in none at all in your starting hand, or ice you cannot use alone like Chum or RSVP.

I'd change the selection of ice to accomodate more End the Run-type ice, or raise their number a bit, otherwise you'd be easy game for any Rielle deck (half of your ice is a Code Gate) and generally very at risk of an R&D lock.

19 Feb 2014 Nushura

Totally true. I think that the problem is that I am trying to do many things (ICE, AD-PS Combo, FA,...). I will remove several events to make space for more ICE. Thanks for the input

19 Feb 2014 paddosan

I tried similar decks as well, but you're right about trying to do too much at once... I found out that fast advance is quite onerous in more than one way.

You need to have time for it, because you might not have the Agenda you need for a while, so you need to protect your R&D and possibly your Assets (well, SanSan!). You also need plenty of economy, and this means lot of Operations, cause you generally don't have ICE to waste on building secure Remote Servers.

One card you might like, though, is Interns! Installing again, and again, and again, that damn SanSan the Runner trashed plenty of times already has no price. Between that and Jackson Howard he will never be free of it! :)