*Spoilers* - A Noise deck

Dydra 2773

A very simple upgrade to Noise, which will be completely bonkers in my opinion.

Spoilers alert, Spoilers are not unique!

Just think about how every time the corp scores agenda ( which will be minimum 2 times before winning the game) they also mill average of 2 additional cards. Of course if you get lucky and setup 3 Spoilers, that's 6 extra cards.

If the corp plays an Agenda spread with no 3 pointers, that's 3x2 or 3x3 mills. If they are running 1s ... that's even worse for them ...

Oh yeah, Faust is in a really good place in Noise since it will get you into those archives when you need to, or it will give you that Incubator-> to Medium -> dig for 4-5+ cards. Furthermore the Wyldside + Chrono combo keeps feeding Faust with a nice 7 card round up at the start of the turn.

Just mind boggling what amount of milling we can expect from this deck.

15 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

I'd add at least 2 street peddler there!

16 Jul 2015 Dydra

Why would you? It already has a very solid draw :)

16 Jul 2015 ANRguybrush

it has a solid draw if you find wyldside early. otherwise, you'll have to click to draw like a scrub. In some cases, wyldside will be in the last 10 cards of your deck and then you'll have no draw at all.

Street peddler or inject are making noise decks way more reliable. They move cards out of the way that would otherwise clog up your grip because you can not pay for it and help you to find key cards like Aesop.

IHW help as well and has little downsides.

Concerning Spoilers, looks like a good card in Noise, given that he likes to disrupt the corps plan to score out quickly.

17 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

@Dydra because install a spoiler with 0 while they are advancing is soo good

17 Jul 2015 Dydra

@mcpba I've rarely had such cases where ALL of my 3 Wyldsides are in the last 10 cards.

@SlayerCNV nice consideration. I honestly don't think that it will have a dramatic impact, because they can't trash them without you running ... so if u decide to install 1 or 2 mid-advance ... or 2 prior them scoring ... only thing you win is a surprise factor :O