Brain Damage: Guaranteed (Work in Progress)

kevnburg 391

An early attempt at a heavy brain damage kill deck. The goal is to quickly lower the runner's hand size with heavy brain damage bioroids and cards like Marcus Batty (Deck MVP) and Defective Brainchips, then score out or kill the runner with Self-destruct, Hiro or Contract Killer. Tech Startup, Architect, Vitruvius, and Haas' Pet Project all help to setup the Chairman/Killer once the kill shot is open.

This is a fairly early build. I'll be experimenting with other tweaks throughout the next week or so before posting a new version. Currently considering: More Janus + Tech Startup to combo with Toybox; Valley Grid for impenetrable glaciers (but I love my Chairman Hiro and cutting him to make influence space will make me cry); Oaktown Grid for asset econ and upgrade protection.

16 Jul 2015 FarCryFromHuman

I'm not sure 11 agendas in a 44 card deck is a good idea. This might be better in a different ID with a couple more 5/3s.

I like the toolbox approach to assets. As you mention, I think I'd run more Tech Startups to get a little more consistency.

Ruhr Valley grid sort of does what Valley Grid does when your bioroids are big enough. Even better though is Awakening Center, which with a Janus 1.0 or something on it will just straight up kill/cripple the runner as he goes in for the steal in a stacked server. Who cares if you lose 2 points.