The Ghost of Running Past

CodeMarvelous 19830

This is the list I have been fiddling with for a while and has piloted to much success in two tournaments.

Autoscripter really makes this deck shine, gives you back your install clicks and if you need to save it with construct you draw a card.

once you are set up autoscripter gives you more clicks to clear tags and do multiple runs.

Kati Jones gives you legs in the late game, Sacrificial construct can also be used for faeries if the autoscripter isnt at risk.

Save your tools, make any remote vulnerable and hit HQ and RD as agendas pile up.

16 Jul 2015 BinarySecond

Does Sacrificial Construct pull it's weight? Only having two targets in the deck with Faerie and Autoscripter might be better to have that influence on something else? Street Peddler maybe?

16 Jul 2015 Saan

@BinarySecond It also has Breach, Shiv and Spike as targets.

16 Jul 2015 linuxmaier

@Saan It doesn't work for Shiv, Spike or Crowbar, as preventing them from being trashed prevents the effect from firing. It works on Faerie because Faerie's trash isn't a cost, it's an effect.

16 Jul 2015 robotussin

@Saan, trashing the b&e suite is the cost of the ability.

16 Jul 2015 CodeMarvelous

getting 2 extra faeries before levy carries the weight. I have found sacrificial construct critical

16 Jul 2015 CodeMarvelous

the original deck had two street peddlers but with the number of events I am playing street peddler often costs me the legwork or inside job i need now and dont want to use same old thing to use.

16 Jul 2015 SlayerCNV

this looks great. But how u play against the big weyland barriers on the remote?

16 Jul 2015 Saan

@linuxmaier @robotussin Ah, well I feel dumb now, because in the past I've told people the same thing in a different context =P This is why I should never post just after I wake up =P

16 Jul 2015 CodeMarvelous

@SlayerCNV inside job for the curtain wall on the outside and hammer centrals so hard they move it to a central. at my last tourney I won all three blue sun match ups by having tons of money and forcing them to commit tons of ice to centrals which makes the inside job on the remote dangerous.

17 Jul 2015 Kronosdev

I did some testing with this deck at my game night. Boy is it fun. Have you considered swapping the Sacrificial Constructs for a metagame answer like Feedback Filter or Paricia? What about Cybsoft MacroDrive?

17 Jul 2015 Labbes

Eerily, this is almost exactly the list I have arrived at, except that I play Corroder instead of Sac Construct / Breach and Muertos Gang Member instead of Fall Guy. It's the most fun I've had since Nasir, but it works better.

18 Jul 2015 Navelgazer

This looks tasty. I just want to make double-sure, though: The "trash" effects on Faerie and Autoscripter don't themselves count towards the ID's ability, right? Because they are effects and not costs, and because they are not written as , right? (Just being pedantic because it makes a difference here, but from what it looks like this is figured into how you're playing the deck.)

18 Jul 2015 umby

@Navelgazer That's correct.

19 Jul 2015 Andannius

@CodeMarvelous: Have you found Maker's Eye recursion (via LARLA or SOT) to be better than two RDIs? I always find myself a little nervous if I have no RnD/HQ lock to shoot for in the late the idea to just win before then?