Don't Call Me Kimmy

WayneMcPain 413

This is finally the Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer deck that I've been wanting to make. It maximizes the use of his ability with a central breaker suite and Gang Sign, supplemented with multi-access cards Medium and Nerve Agent, to get tons of accesses, scoring what you can score and trashing what you can't. So far, this deck hasn't seen a wide variety of testing, but I'm looking forward to piloting him. Here are a few card selections:

Gang Sign: This is the card that Kim needed, badly. Multiple accesses every time the Corp scores an agenda. Kim's ability helps ensure you don't see the same card twice when using multiple signs. This makes scoring windows even harder to find for the Corp as they constantly have to worry about losing their valuable econ Operations (or Butcher Shop combos...or even agendas they have been hoarding!)

Archives Interface: I haven't seen much use of this card, but I feel that it could be very powerful in Kim. Combos great with Datasucker, as you'll likely be going to Archives anyway to build up virus counters. Why not permanently trash econ cards that Corp is going to want to Jackson back into the game? Or at least make them have to force popping Jackson earlier than they want to.

MemStrips: I chose MemStrips over Djinn because I don't necessarily need the virus tutoring and if I do happen to facecheck an Ichi or something with only a Mimic on the board, I don't want to lose all my viruses at once. Plus this allows me to play my viruses early and not worry about memory later if I didn't have Djinn handy.

Incubator: I like that this deck has a lot of cards that you can just install and let them simmer while you do more important things like running HQ or making money. Why not build up counters early? At the very least it will force more purges, which is always great for staying ahead tempo wise.

Traffic Jam: Primarily this is current protection, but I realised that slowing the Corp down on scoring agendas is just what Kim needs to stay ahead of the game with accesses.

So any way, there you have it. Haven't won any tournaments with it (yet) or anything like that, but I think it's fun and I'm excited to test it out more at League. Let me know what you think will improve it!

17 Jul 2015 x3r0h0ur

Can you justify the influence for breach when you have corroder in faction, and its typically better?

17 Jul 2015 WayneMcPain

Breach is pretty good in comparison. It breaks Curtain Wall, Wall of Thorns, Asteroid Belt and the new Spiderweb cheaper than Corroder. It ties for Eli and (depending on how many are rezzed) does well with Next Silver. It doesn't like Ice Wall or Wall of Static obviously, but that's why I have one of each. Oh and it can wreck Heimdall too. I guess it kind of depends on how heavily the Corp will ice the centrals. Good question though. It was the one I was most concerned about skipping on, but I don't really know where I would put the influence if I had just 2 extra.

17 Jul 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Put the influence into an HQ Interface imo.

17 Jul 2015 x3r0h0ur

HQ has the best synergy with gang and Kim

17 Jul 2015 WayneMcPain

HQ Interface combos super well with this, but I wouldn't want it as a one of if I was going to include it. I'd rather have a one of breaker than a one of multi access card, at least with Kim. I could be wrong, I'm definitely still not super experienced. Thanks for the suggestions!

17 Jul 2015 FarCryFromHuman

HQ Interface enables everything Kim wants to do while in the corp's hand. It's definitely worth a slot as a singleton, and I'd try and free up 2 more influence for a second if possible, especially since you are running Gang Sign.

17 Jul 2015 xjohncandyx

Total waste of influence on the Criminal breakers honestly. D4V1D handles Curtain Wall. Parasite kills NEXT Silver. Most other ICE is mitigated by Datasucker. Dump those breakers and import Clone Chips and/or HQ Interface.

I foresee some economic and MU issues too.