Stealth Hayley ability optimization

x3r0h0ur 8633

This is a build I've been tinkering with to make great use of hayley's ability. I like to trigger it on the corps turn with SMC/CC, on my turn by running a server, installing a shard and another resource, and obviously 2 pieces of hardware.

The shards are actually really good, especially since I don't need the influence for anything else, and they trigger the ID. Eden is great to pull fresh cards off RnD for yourself, and force the corp up on jackson purges. Utopia is great right aftwards if they had to hold agendas, they might discard them, it also works against kills and right before using hades, which is great to force Jackson early. Lots of value on them.

Otherwise, standard fare, rig of inevitability, with lots of multiaccess that should be online by midgame thanks to Hayley. Draw hard and fast early, poke and prod but don't waste too much time.

If you like to cover your playmat, this is a good deck to do it. It runs like mad when set up too!