GLC Tournament Wausau 1st Place Financial Butcher Shop

JDalart 194

The deck is highly based off of the 1st Place Oslo Regionals Butchershop Deck. I only made some slight changes for my specific play style and a meta call.

-1 Beale, -1 Marked Accounts +2 TGTBT I removed a marked accounts because the list already runs 2 restructure and I didn't feel like I needed that much drip. The beale helps when you want to score out but TGTBT is better for Midseasons. TGTBT also has very little downside as it replaces itself with the NEH draw and you can sometimes pile them in archives to make checking it fatal.

-1 Cortex Lock +1 Ichi This is an Anarch meta call as the deck loses to medium pretty bad if they go tag me and you cannot find you combo pieces. Ichi helps make medium digs a bit more manageable. I also found I was not landing cortex lock pretty much at all so the switch was made.

Overall I think it was the correct meta call and I had a bunch of fun playing it. Props to Skewie for the base deck =D.

20 Jul 2015 linuxmaier

This deck is a complete monster. Congrats on its undefeated record and the 1st place finish!