Passchendaele (2nd Place Newark, DE ANRPC)

Tr33beard 242

“I died in hell – (They called it Passchendaele)” - Line from Memorial Tablet, poem by Lieutenant Siegfried Sassoon, Royal Welch Fusiliers, November 1918.

Do you want your opponent not to have any fun at all? Do you want to see them deplete their entire stack looking for agendas that will almost never come up? Do you like making money hand over fist? Then this might be the deck for you.

I've been working on this deck for a while now, and I can honestly say it's my favorite Corp deck I've ever played. It plays the attrition game, taking away all of the runner's resources until they have nothing left. At that point, you start scoring all the agendas you've managed to squirrel away everywhere. It creates a monstrous tax on both cards and money, which a lot of runners have a hard time fighting against.

I was incredibly happy with the deck's performance at the Newark ANRPC Qualifier. The only change I would make is that I might swap either the Cyberdex or the third Caprice for a Snatch and Grab. Kati Jones makes enough money to give the deck some pause and killing Aesop's Pawnshop is a nice added bonus. It should be good to get rid of Film Critic once Old Hollywood lands as well.

Usually, I aim to get 2 Crick onto archives, 2 ice onto R&D, maybe 1 onto HQ depending on the matchup, and 1 or 2 ice as a scoring server. Your upgrades are resilient enough with the IG tax that they generally serve as extra pieces of ice. That being said, icing up is not the first priority of the deck. Feel free to leave your centrals open for a while(with the exception of Archives. It should be the first server you ice). You're only playing 9 agendas in 54 cards so the odds aren't great for your opponent.

Instead of securing your centrals, focus on your asset spam. Getting a PAD or two online early is incredibly important in this deck. Since we're not running Hedge Funds, the early money from the PADs is really necessary. Try to get a Melange set up behind a piece of Ice as well. Taking 7 and pitching a card is an incredibly strong play out of this deck. The Server Diagnostics serve as your late game econ, obviously only coming out once your ice setup is complete. These can be Sundews, but Server Diagnostics will both always pay out the turn you rez them, and can't be denied with Security Testing. Once they come online, the money gets ludicrous. In more than one game at the Newark ANRPC qualifier, I had turns where I gained 7 credits in drip econ every turn.

Runners will almost always approach the game in 2 ways. The first is to attempt to ignore the assets and Archives and attack your centrals. This is almost always the wrong way. Central attacks on this deck, without getting rid of the Upgrades, will usually deplete your credits and cards without yielding much in return. The second is that they will aggressively hit archives before going to go trash your econ. This is usually more effective, and results in a harder game for you. Interns is your best friend in this case. Putting back something that they just paid loads of money to get rid of is super disheartening. The archives aggression can only last so long, however. I've usually found that once 2 or 3 Shocks are in Archives along with a Hokusai, the runner usually gives up on it.

The deck's biggest weaknesses are early centrals pressure, Stealth Criminals, and Whizzard. Early game, you aren't running enough ice to keep the runner out. While the odds aren't great for the runner, Agendas will make an appearance at the most in opportune time. However, you can't afford to slow down to secure your centrals or else you'll be way behind once you reach midgame. Mostly you have to grit your teeth and bear it, but knowing when to draw heavily and when to sit back and only take what you're given is important to your survival. Use your Jacksons to hide agendas in Archives as long as you can (It's really funny when people realize that your Jackson costs 8 to trash if they don't want to call your bluff on Archives). Stealth Criminals will gain a lot of money from Security Testing and then be close to impossible to tax on your centrals. There's not a whole lot we can do about that. You aren't running enough ice to be able to protect all your assets. This matchup will usually come down to who gets luckier on random accesses. Whizzard is a nightmare for this deck. He essentially will pay normal prices to trash all of your things. I haven't found a good way yet to win this matchup that doesn't include getting lucky with a Snare.

In all, this deck is absolutely brutal for your opponent. They're faced with so many bad and expensive options that it's hard for them to find a good line on your game. If you've been looking for a war of attrition deck, this is definitely what you're looking for. As an added bonus, it's got an amazing matchup against the Faust Quetzal deck that's getting more and more popular. I hope you guys enjoy playing around with the list!

21 Jul 2015 gumonshoe

Good showing. Come back to WI; It's where you belong. :'(

21 Jul 2015 Yubinshan

What about Cerebral Static for the whiz?

21 Jul 2015 Tr33beard

Oooh! I really like that idea. It also makes the Noise matchup slightly less wonky, and you can just pitch it if it's a dead card in the matchup. I'll definitely test with it.

21 Jul 2015 Yubinshan

It also helps deal with Hacktivist Meeting, which is just cancer for horizontal decks.

I'm considering running a modified version of this for Gencon, but I'd want to make some projected meta changes. Blacklist for example...

21 Jul 2015 Yubinshan

If I had more time to prepare I'd want to try 3x Housekeeping, and maybe some Subliminal Messaging...

21 Jul 2015 Tr33beard

I've tried Blacklist, which was good, but not quite reliable enough. It's great for making the runner slam their face into Archives, but the deck isn't running enough Ice to be able to protect it. I can absolutely see it working in the right build. Housekeeping would be great, but the influence cost is really high. Daily Business Show and Ash 2X3ZB9CY are vital to the deck, and can't really be cut. Crisium Grid more than earns its slot in your Criminal matchup. I guess you could cut the Tollbooth, the Ichi 1.0, and the Crisium Grids to slot in 2 Housekeeping. I feel like it leaves you really vulnerable to Account Siphon though.

22 Jul 2015 Yubinshan

I guess I'm a bit curious how often Crisium Grid saves you from disaster. Two in 54 cards doesn't seem like great odds to save you from early siphon-spam. Maybe it's good late-game Vamp protection?

I guess conceptually I see this as a sink-or-swim deck. Either you get set up and things snowball in your favor, or you struggle heavily early on and get stomped. If that's the case, I'm not really afraid of Vamp because by the time you're getting Vamp'd your crops are set up. I'm even less worried about Account Siphon because of the reactionary rezzes that are possible when you have a bunch of assets down. If this is correct, the early pressure provided by Housekeeping will hopefully slow down their setup.

Six influence seems like a lot available across Crisium Grid, Ichi 1.0 and Tollbooth. I haven't actually played this deck though, so who knows...

2 Aug 2015 ANRguybrush

do you have problems with going on time? I know you can play faster with practice, but man this deck is slow.

I try to grind down people and shut them out since defending a remote usually eats up my money. Do you just try to lean on caprice?

3 Aug 2015 GordonsBeard

Whenever I see 3x NAPD Contract I get real nervous for any kind of bad publicity. Am I too worried about the Valencia matchup?

4 Aug 2015 ANRguybrush

@GordonsBeard Doesn't really matter. when you are ready to score, the runner will probably be at the last 5 cards in his deck and on tilt. You need agendas that are really bad to score. You can test your scoring remote by feeding the runner a Fetal AI or something. If he gets in and wins caprice, he probably burned a lot of money and has to decide wether to trash caprice/ash and take damage from hostile infrastucture or steal the agenda.

If you advance advance an NAPD, the runner will usually think about hades or future perfect and run into the server just to see napd with 2 credits.

The Valencia matchup is kinda bad, but for other reasons.