Sara's Housekeeping PE STL regionals 6th

Seabear 118

One of the cards you want to see in your opening hand is Housekeeping this makes the runner start having to make choices that may ultimately lead to them being flatlined. One particular thing i enjoyed doing was using Mushin No Shin to advance Ronin three times and leave it there. Eventually the runner will most likely lose interest and leave it be. You can use it later. While that is in a server keep making more servers. Play cards like Psychic Field where they could lose their hand and get hit with Neural EMP. This deck makes people think again about stealing agendas like the Fetal AI that ultimately leads to three net damage, on what may be one of their final clicks. Hopefully they get that after going through a Lockdown, where they cannot draw anymore cards. Also, just in case there is a keyhole deck, Hostile Infrastructure and Swordsman are awesome.

Also you hope for Snare! and Fetal AI to show when you are playing something with multi access, because those increases the chances that the runner will be flatlined. Every game at STL regionals that this deck won, was a flatline. I have in other settings actually scored out, those were weird games.

I did check the results and i believe this was one of the only undefeated corps in the swiss rounds. Later it saw the first defeat in double elimination, where there was Deus X recursion. The record ended up being 6-1, i barely made the top eight cut, and made it 6th overall in my first regionals with PE. This to me was a great accomplishment. But one of my favorite mottos from that night was, "Church of Ronin, we respect" Ronin was quite critical to the swiss rounds. I think the greatest advantage for this deck was no one was expecting PE to be at a regionals and most people didn't build for that match up.

20 Jul 2015 phrydephisch

Housekeeping is what really sets this apart from other Cambridge style decks. I adds just that extra little bit of drain on your hand to make your decisions hard. Definitely a tough deck to play against, congrats on your performance.

20 Jul 2015 Seabear

The house keeping is the best when they have the false sense of security because they didn't run and they install a bunch of cards. By this time you want a 4 advanced Ronin and get a flatline.

@phrydephisch thanks so much! The strategy you mentioned earlier that week of just having fun really helped.

20 Jul 2015 Sjone

Thanks for sharing and congratz to your success! I hope you don’t mind if I ask. Setting Traps is generally very expensive activity and you included even Hostile Infrastructure. Your economy seems to be very dependant at scoring Gila Hands Arcology. Is this a reason why you included third copy of it and went to 21 agenda points? How did this work for you? Would you change anything after tournament? Thank you

20 Jul 2015 Seabear

I did include the third copy of Gila Hands Arcology for economic pirpis

21 Jul 2015 Seabear

@Sjone Traps can be rather expensive, and that is why there are 3 Gila Hands Arcology in the deck. Also one strategy that i liked to use was, just take credits during turns where your hand was rebuilding from laying three cards out the previous turn. Also Mushin No Shin saves you three credits when you play it. So what a typical turn consisted of, was if i had a hand of 5 and three were agendas/traps mix i would just lay them out. after spending turns accumulating credits. Or take credits or draw Hedge Fund i put that back alot with Jackson Howard. The deck is about waiting for the runner to make a choice (usually a bad one) and harming themselves. I really like the way the deck ran I don't think i would change anything about it, as of now. Maybe when a new data pack comes out with something i may want, i would change it. I hope i answered your questions? If not let me know i will try to better address them.

21 Jul 2015 Sjone

Thank you, it answered my question perfectly. I am going to try your build during our next session.

21 Jul 2015 Dane_Bramage

Nice Deck! Love the inclusion of Hostile Infrastructure. I will have to try this...Very similar to my PE Deck...but instead of a third Gila Hands Arcology i used Melange Mining Corp..

21 Jul 2015 Dydra

Yeah, me personally, I think I'd cut -1 cerebral and -1 Eli. just for a 3rd Housekeeping. I've tested this card even with RP and sadly/thankfully (depending on PoV) makes sense only in your opening hand or first few turns.

I'm not gonna comment on your econ, because I know how much and what type of econ PE decks need, but I do feel that rezing those Hostile Infrastructures could prove a bit pain the a**. Especially if you want to keep money for Snares and Neurals ( and you always want that in PE decks).

Did you see a lot of Drive By in play? I know that the Psychic Fields are there for that reason, but it doesn't feel good to see your multiple-advanced pieces get flushed out.

21 Jul 2015 spags

I've loved Housekeeping in PE since it arrived. Great job!

21 Jul 2015 Seabear

@Dydra I actually didn't see a single Drive By there that day. There probably was somewhere, but not someone i played. Or they didn't stay alive long enough to play it. Though it was hard to see #Housekeeping because of only two of them, so i might play test with those changes and maybe add another Project Junebug with the extra deck slot. Hostiles are hard to rez all the time and are often a dead draw sadly, however have panned out when someone is using Keyhole. Though it could be something more fun. I haven't tried Allele Repression and might try like one or so of those, instead of the Hostile Infrastructure and maybe another Project Junebug. I really liked your suggestions i will have to take a look into those. Thank you.

@spags Thank you! I thought i would try it and see what happened. It worked amazingly well. Thank goodness i listed to @phrydephisch and decided to play my PE deck at regionals.

22 Jul 2015 Dydra

@Seabear , Allele Repression is great in PE ( so you can pick either Used Snares or Trashed by IMP Neural EMPs), especially if you are running Mushin No Shin. It just makes so much more sense. Do pre-emptively rezz if it if you suspect an opponent playing Drive By though.

They wanna Nerve Agent or Legwork your hand? Swap your Agendas for Snares or Neurals, w/e you need and go. Just keep a Jackson down somewhere on the table if it's no their last click. :)

Hostile Infrastructure is great against Keyhole and Keyhole is one of PE's nightmare. I'm really not sure how is the proper way to sustain it though.

In my last PE build, I was playing Shell Corporation over some Mushined Trap ( or not hehe ) and managed to gain nice econ to support a possible Hostile rezz. You can think about some change like -1 Ronnin, -1 Cerebral +2 Shell Corp. I guess you would want to keep the 2x Hostile for consistency and even further Keyhole punishment. Just an idea. :)