Protection Guaranteed

jmbostwick 91

Leveraging early economic advantage (gained through Weyland's excellent early-game ice and economic agendas) to get ahead, then putting pressure on the Runner via consistent meat damage and the taunting from public agendas. The deck uses tags and meat damage as a secondary win condition, and there are plenty of ways to bluff agendas and force the Runner to run before she's ready.

20 Jul 2015 Bigguyforyou518

In a deck that's running Snare! and Data Raven, I would seriously consider adding some Dedicated Response Teams to supplement your "consistent meat damage" strategy.

Have you been able to use Checkpoint effectively? I've always liked the idea of the card, but found it falls a bit flat in practice. Although you may eventually be able to remove it, the bad pub turns Checkpoint's trace-5 subroutine into an easy 4 break for the runner for your 4 rez cost, assuming a neutral econ scenario (and then they still get to use the bad pub for other runs). It doesn't even work as a surprise, because they can just jack out instead of completing the run :*(

20 Jul 2015 jmbostwick

@Bigguyforyou518 Thanks for the comment! Let me see if I can answer your questions.

I had DRT in there for the first draft of the deck, but took it out because of a misunderstanding with the timing rules (I thought the effect triggered when the run was considered successful, which would mean it doesn't work with the identity or Snare!); having realized my mistake, I'm still not certain I'd put it in. It seems to share cardspace with Checkpoint, and I feel I've used that more effectively in my games.

Regarding Checkpoint: This card has been quite powerful for me, but I'll be the first to admit that bad publicity hurts it. I've often gotten out to a decent economic lead over the Runner, meaning the trace is more potent, but it can be difficult to land sometimes. This card (and a general trend towards stronger ice) led me to include the Witness Tampering: I tend to score one or two Hostile Takeover per game plus rezzing a Checkpoint, so I needed a way to remove Bad Publicity. As a seven-strength code gate, Checkpoint is very taxing for Runners relying on Yog, and since I tend to place it in my scoring server, I don't mind if they jack out. Usually people who will run on a public agenda have planned on taking 2 meat damage (or left themselves a click for the tag) but they aren't prepared to take 3 more (especially if they fear Punitive Counterstrike), and it trips them up.

Assuming I took out Checkpoint, I'd want to replace it with another strong, taxing, nasty piece of ice, preferably a code gate. I'm not sure what there is that could fit that mold without costing more influence -- suggestions?

20 Jul 2015 Bigguyforyou518

Yeah, the timing rules for DRT work in your favor. For the Argus ability, having it rezzed before they hit an agenda means they get to choose between 2 meat damage or 2 meat damage (and a tag!). If they legwork into your hand while you're holding a Snare, rez the DRT in step 4.3 of the run (after the runner has chosen to approach the server, but before they've actually accessed cards). The runner cannot jack out at this point, and must face the consequences. Same deal if they opt to pass through a Data Raven. Once the DRT's been rezzed, it is literally a MUST RUN for a runner facing Argus. With 18 ICE in your deck, you should have no problem defending it, or at least making the runner pay dearly before you install a 2nd one. Food for thought!

Regarding Checkpoint, you best alternative if you want to stick to strong code gates is definitely Wormhole. I often consider using this ICE in decks purely built with "End the Run" subroutines (because as you know, a 7 str code gate is really really annoying to break). In YOUR deck though? You have Archers and Orions, baby. Wormhole would be absolutely beast.