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Heartthrob 2482

Make money, win traces and use RSVP and Sensei to make things very difficult for the runner. Those two ice can wreak havoc. Sensei makes Data Raven, Shadow, Pop Up and RSVP so much better. No barriers, no Jackson...but they don't need to know that...by mid to late game you will have won with Astro chain.

Have a try with it... it is performing very well at our local scene.

Update: The two PSFs are now Market Research. I've played enough tag-me runners now to think that I'm going to be able to Astro+Astro+Market for enough agenda pts for a win.

19 Feb 2014 Dragon53170

I just feel like chum might be a nice surprise to throw in there too if you can find room for it. Otherwise it looks like a fun deck to try out.

19 Feb 2014 AkAnderson

I have played against this deck multiple times and it's such a headache/joy to see it in action. As the runner you're almost always in a lose/lose situation and that's always good for the Corp.

20 Feb 2014 Heartthrob

@Dragon, interesting that you say that because I have seriously been considering Chums in place of Cad. I will try that out for sure now.

@AK, more matches to come...more headaches. I do fear your Kit deck though.

20 Feb 2014 PatFizzle22

Awesome deck! Pop-up window is great for aiding in the accumulation of money stacks.

20 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

Sensei makes Data Raven, Shadow, Pop Up and RSVP so much better.

Care to elaborate on this? It just seems super-unintuitive, as the whole point of those ICE pieces is to be porous (and thus bait the runner into running through them willy-nilly, letting the subs fire). If you Sensei them, you're basically taking that very thing away.

I mean, I can maybe see it with RSVP, as Code Gates of STR > 4 are a bitch to break, but if that's all you're using RSVP for, you'd be much better off with Chum - same strength, much much cheaper. Then again, stacking code gates is tricky business - you have the Kit problem, the Gordian Blade problem and the Yogosucker problem, all in one place ;)

20 Feb 2014 PeekaySK

(i meant STR > = 4, obviously :) )

20 Feb 2014 Kharn the Betrayer

How are the Adonis Campaigns working out? I'm always kind of afraid to run them because of the 3 trash cost, the heavy investment and the length of time before seeing any return. I can't help but think the influence might be spent better elsewhere.

20 Feb 2014 Heartthrob

Great point Peek. What I'm seeing with Sensei is that I can play him at the top of my R&D/H&Q ice mid to late game. It only sees play (or gets rezzed) when It's time to really stop them from getting into centrals.

Last night it did very well against a Cyber-Cypher Kit deck. Even with all my codegates I didn't have a problem pulling off a quick victory. It's hard to R&D lock this deck and RSVP can hold it's own for the early Astro scores. Yog.0 Sucker hasn't been much of a problem either...I guess I need to wait and see what happens when I get into a long-game situation Peekay. Maybe I'll take it for a Chum run? I'm flexible and I'll try anything once ;)

@Kharn...Adonis has been awesome for me. I don't mind if it gets trashed and It's one more way to make that trace money. Without Adonis my old NBN really struggled to stay rich.

20 Feb 2014 Heartthrob

Oh man, for a journalism major I really loaded that last comment with grammar errors :\

24 Feb 2014 ttsgosadow

Loved playing this deck. RSVP is the MVP! Started my first turn against Andormeda with 2xSweeps Week. A well-timed closed accounts was enough to make my opponent squirm. Not too sure about the Sensei. The card only works when combined with something else. We almost exclusively play multioplayer games (using the Big Sellout rules), and you need an extra ice there to protect the runner, which makes the Sensei's even more of a liability. Once it's set up, it rocks though :) Thanks for sharing!