Lumberjack'd 2.0 (Woodcutter's Revenge)

WayneMcPain 413


8 strength Woodcutter with 6+ "Do 1 net damage" subs for the win...? Maybe...But probably not.

STRATEGY: Woodcutter.

MVP: Woodcutter.

WEAKNESSES: Woodcutter.

ECON: Melange..?

This deck is Woodcutter, and so can you.

This message brought to you by Woodcutter Consortium: Building A Better block of wood at a time.

2.0 EDIT: -2 Space Camp, -1 Builder, +1 Woodcutter, +2 The Twins. Because there just wasn't enough Woodcutter in this deck.

22 Jul 2015 FarCryFromHuman

The can be advanced only while rezzed restriction on Woodcutter, Tyrant and Salvage means they don't interact with cards like Constellation Protocol, Trick of Light and Space Camp (requires that the target can be advanced), as negative conditional text overrides positive conditional text.

Cards like Tennin Institute and the distant but upcoming PAD Factory will allow tokens to be placed on these guys, and I think Woodcutter especially will see some play once PAD Factory hits the table.

22 Jul 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Sorry, I missed adding "don't interact with these cards while unrezzed." The subtext there is that you won't ever get to surprised the runner with Woodcutter, and he's going to go get a killer after seeing it. The Twins is fun here though.

22 Jul 2015 Chuftbot

Great deck. 10 Woodcutter counters/10.

22 Jul 2015 WayneMcPain

The idea isn't so much to surprise flatline them with a massive Woodcutter as it is to slowly build up tokens elsewhere, transfer them to a rezzed Woodcutter in a scoring remote and create a massively huge and taxing sentry, plus whatever else ice are in there. Maybe they can afford to run it once, but multiple times? That's where Twins comes in. Use Tollbooth to protect another server with IT Dept and between those counters and the patches....some serious Woodcutter happens.

22 Jul 2015 WayneMcPain

Is it massively combo-y and unreliable? Sure. But it's also Woodcutter.


It's starting to not sound like a real word...

22 Jul 2015 CommissarFeesh

OMG why is it that all the most hilariously awesome decks that catch my eye lately are in Woodland? I mean Weyland! Dammit, we need to get a quarantine zone up, this thing is contagious!