Don't Call Me Kimmy V.2.0

WayneMcPain 413

This is finally the Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer deck that I've been wanting to make. It maximizes the use of his ability with Gang Sign and multi-access cards Medium and HQ Interface, to get tons of accesses, scoring what you can score and trashing what you can't. So far, this deck hasn't seen a wide variety of testing, but I'm looking forward to piloting him. Here are a few card selections:

Gang Sign: This is the card that Kim needed, badly. Multiple accesses every time the Corp scores an agenda. Kim's ability helps ensure you don't see the same card twice when using multiple signs. This makes scoring windows even harder to find for the Corp as they constantly have to worry about losing their valuable econ Operations (or Butcher Shop combos...or even agendas they have been hoarding!) Combo with HQ Interface to make it even more likely to see the cards you want (and trash the ones you don't).

Archives Interface: I haven't seen much use of this card, but I feel that it could be very powerful in Kim. Combos great with Datasucker, as you'll likely be going to Archives anyway to build up virus counters. Why not permanently trash econ cards that Corp is going to want to Jackson back into the game? Or at least make them have to force popping Jackson earlier than they want to.

MemStrips: I chose MemStrips over Djinn because I don't necessarily need the virus tutoring and if I do happen to facecheck an Ichi or something with only a Mimic on the board, I don't want to lose all my viruses at once. Plus this allows me to play my viruses early and not worry about memory later if I didn't have Djinn handy.

Incubator: I like that this deck has a lot of cards that you can just install and let them simmer while you do more important things like running HQ or making money. Why not build up counters early? At the very least it will force more purges, which is always great for slowing the Corp down.

So any way, there you have it. Haven't won any tournaments with it (yet) or anything like that, but I think it's fun and I'm excited to test it out more at League. Let me know what you think will improve it!

V2.0: It was suggested to go all in on HQ Interface, so I swapped out the criminal central breakers for three of them. It sucks not having any influence for Shaper recursion, I might swap out on Interface for a Clone Chip instead, but we will see. Also got rid of Nerve Agent (because of HQI) and Traffic Jam and added 3 Scrubbed to make more effective use of Parasites and make it cheaper to run. Also put in Baby and Kati for more draw and money options.

Thanks for the suggestions all!