I won't let you win!

corbeil93 13

Well this is a ''standard'' Maxx deck. I based it on SlySquids ''Mother F****** Deck''

I removed 2 Amped Up, 1 Box-E, 3 Same Old Things, 3 Joshua B, 2 Account Siphon.

I added 3 Bank Job, 1 Levy AR Lab Access, 3 Deep Red, 1 Wanton Destruction, 1 Knifed, 2 Hacktivist Support

Well it's pretty simple, try to break almost everything with Eater. As soon as I can reach something in a server, I use Knight, Femme Fatale to reach it. I didn't try this one yet, but I used to play a similar deck with 2 Account Siphon in it but it was always trashed via Maxx ability.

I want your opinion about this deck.

24 Jul 2015 x3r0h0ur

Having played this archetype to great success during regionals, I can tell you that you're neutering the deck heavily by taking out the denial aspect of siphon. Often the strategy is to pressure HQ so heavily, and keep them poor, never letting them rez ice on RnD, and using the turns they're too poor to keyhole RnD for free/cheap.

Also deja vu is way less useful without siphon, but probably barely necessary, so you should be working to support deja's presence in your deck, BJ sorta does that, but not nearly as well as Siphon. Siphon is probably in the top 3 best cards in this archetype.

24 Jul 2015 corbeil93

Thanks for your answer! I was wondering, do you use SoT? Because I removed it due to lack of space. But if I remove BJ, I will need to remove 1 LARLA to add 2 AS.

24 Jul 2015 x3r0h0ur

I had 3 deja and 3 same old thing, because they help if you mill levy, and siphon is super strong to recur, also it allows you more flexibility on how to use retrieval run, and keeps you from having to hold onto as many cards.

I'd love to be the first to tell you that you will never need 2x levy, and that you will win before you go through your deck two times, no need for three, I can't. I frequently ran through my deck and out of cards on the second pass. Given 18 influence, I might have put in 2 levy, that said, the siphons are plenty more powerful than the levy that it merits its inclusion.

My honest recommendation is -3 deep red (you only have 3 knight), and +2 vigil in your console slot (or if you have big stones, 2 spinal modem :] ), -3 bank job, -1 levy +2 siphon +1 utopia shard.

Also consider finding room for D4v1d, 2 of if possible, as it greatly helps shut down blue sun, who will stay on top of you money wise over the course of a long game.

25 Jul 2015 corbeil93

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