Stop... Hammer Time! (3)

Pinkwarrior 2208

My first game with this deck was a 12 - 0 win and continued strong with follow up games only losing once to a GRNDL deck when i couldn't find a single breaker.

I've since made some ajustments to the deck taking out Day Job and a MemStrips since i generally just didn't need them or worse couldn't play em.

The deck focus's on HQ pressure with alsorts of tools & Medium for R&D if need be. Faust is really built for Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer since he needs the access Eater just doesn't cut it.

The deck seems rather quick and piles the pressure on by not letting the corp keep their cards.

25 Jul 2015 say200426

IMO, you would love to have 3 Imps

25 Jul 2015 Ber

I just played a game with this, it was great! I totally agree with you that Faust is perfect for Kim, and the combo with Wyldside/Pancakes is solid too.

I'm interested to hear your reasoning for including Hemorrhage and Utopia Shard. To me, they are both anti-synergy with Vigil.

25 Jul 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Ber Ed is where i first started with Vigil and it always seemed very powerful with Hemorrhage. You see i don't rely on vigil for card draw much the opposite actually i rely on it to force the corp down to 4 cards and thats what I've always found their always willing to do, with only 4 cards then trashing their whole hand is that much easier, so when you look at vigil this way it's actually synergistic with the cards you mention.

@say200426 Imp's ok means you can trash ICE as well but for that ability am not sure i have the room i wouldn't mind a 1 of.

25 Jul 2015 x3r0h0ur

The effect of vigil you draw a card when their hand is full, the impact of vigil is that the corp stays at 4 cards. A 50/50 to hit 1 specific card in the corp's hand is very good. I'd run wanton destruction as a 1 of just to bust up those scorched and biotic pieces.

25 Jul 2015 Pinkwarrior

@x3r0h0ur Hmm I do like that suggestion, I have been looking at changing a few things like Kati Jones for Armitage Codebusting she's 2 slow and I rarely get 6 off her in here at one time. Also i was looking at putting John Masanori in their for a bit more card draw. and so far haven't actually used the LALA so may look at that if it continues.

25 Jul 2015 HepatitvsJ

Here's my rework of the deck. Street peddler is one of the best cards in anarch right now imo. Also, I don't see any reason for LALA either. 3 clone chips let you get back things you want but had to throw away for the access. SMC is good all game for digging for Faust right off the bat and anything else later. I'm just not feeling Gang sign because it's reactive rather than proactive and this deck needs to be proactive. This is also why I added in a wanton destruction. I may add in the 2 surge again because they let you kill ICE when the corp thought they had another turn or two before needing to purge and this deck can handle 47 cards. Stop... Hammer Time! (3) vHJ1.0

Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer

Event (9) 2x Déjà Vu 3x I've Had Worse 3x Sure Gamble 1x Wanton Destruction

Hardware (8) 3x Clone Chip ••••• • 2x e3 Feedback Implants •••• 3x Vigil

Resource (16) 2x Adjusted Chronotype 3x Armitage Codebusting 2x Kati Jones 2x Same Old Thing 3x Street Peddler 1x Utopia Shard • 3x Wyldside

Icebreaker (4) 3x Faust 1x Femme Fatale •

Program (8) 1x D4v1d 1x Imp 1x Medium 1x Nerve Agent 3x Parasite 1x Self-modifying Code •••

15 influence spent (max 15) 45 cards (min 45) Cards up to The Underway

Deck built on

25 Jul 2015 Pinkwarrior

@HepatitvsJ The Gang Sign's are actually more pro active than you think as they force the Corp to try to get their agendas out of hand before they get more and get clogged up where they will be lost, this makes the Corp too thinly spread as now they have to defend their hand R&D, HQ & a remote from you I feel that gang sign is actually a massive part of the deck.

Like I said earlier I feel Hemorrhage is really powerful with Vigil so I wouldn't want to take that out.

I want to do more testing before I take out Levy AR Lab Access my self but I feel it's something that could go. I hope this deck list works for you but theirs alot of cards I personally like & feel are potent in my list so it's not to my liking. My list helped you build a Edward Kim: Humanity's Hammer your happy with then that's good as far as I am concerned.

27 Jul 2015 Skitzafreak

You mentioned wanting to replace Kati Jones with Armitage Codebusting. What about Liberated Account? Does the initial cost of 6 make it too expensive? Even though it gives you better burst credits?

28 Jul 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Skitzafreak Yes, I find I frequently have little cash and only need the odd extra credits that's why I was only taking 3 credits off Kati unless I get a sure game off or all three Data Folding I usually don't have a huge amount of econ.

I have tweaked the deck somewhat from this list but are still testing with it and have changed Kati for Armitage and it's helped quite abit.

28 Jul 2015 Skitzafreak

@Pinkwarrior What are some of the other changes you've made?

29 Jul 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Skitzafreak I've droped Surge for 2x John Masanori a Parasite for a D4v1d and 1 Déjà Vu for a Dirty Laundry. I haven't reposted the deck yet tho as I am trying these things out and not sure if they will change or not yet.

3 Aug 2015 Skitzafreak

So a couple changes I am thinking are -2 Surge, -1 Utopia Shard, and +1 Plascrete Carapace, +1 Feedback Filter, +1 Imp. The Plascrete and Feedback are because a lot of people around here play Weyland and PE.

3 Aug 2015 Pinkwarrior

I wouldn't bother you have your ability for Weyland plus I've Had Worse and PE you have Wyldside pancakes on top of I've Had Worse you also have Levy AR Lab Access. I've played against a PE deck with the 3.5 and it just couldn't do anything to me so long as you get Wyldside you can just keep piling on the pressure.

3 Aug 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Skitzafreak Imp maybe worth taking tho the Surge can easily be dropped as well.

4 Aug 2015 Skitzafreak

@Pinkwarrior so -2 Surge, -1 Utopia Shard, +3 Imp seems fair?

4 Aug 2015 Pinkwarrior

@Skitzafreak Sounds fine the only thing is you'd have 1 influence spare then also Utopia is a sort of anti scorched / fast advance card granted its use is less powerful without Legwork. The 1 off Dirty Laundry maybe a better target. unless you have plans for the freed up influence maybe another Femme Fatale or change Dirty Laundry to Easy Mark / Career Fair