Trashin' all over the world - Northampton 25/07/15

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thepandalion 9

The poor student gamer likes to run, and he likes to run a lot. Sometimes he tries to save up for useful programs, by doing some part-time codebusting work, or trying to get popular on YouTube. Mostly, he just tries to keep the corporations poor, trashing all over the place and making some well-timed HQ or RnD multi-access digs. He likes to have a hand of cards that he can always do something with, and access to breakers, though his favourite phrase is "Pah, breakers - who needs em?" What's the worst that can happen? Hey.. he's had worse.

I entered this deck in my first Netrunner tournament, a local store tourney "Guardians of Tyr" in Northampton. It had 2 wins, and did well at keeping most corporations poor, and aggression high, but as often happens to the reckless Whizzard, he got double-scorched in the end. XD I love running with this deck, especially when I get to use Doppelganger against RP, but sometimes I get over-excited and don't learn when to not run. I think it suits Whizzard's recklessness though ;D