Engineering The Fish - Northampton 25/07/15

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thepandalion 9

I entered this deck in my first Netrunner tournament, a local store tourney "Guardians of Tyr" in Northampton. It lost all it's games, though it did come close on a few.

I always struggled more with making a corporation deck than a runner deck, but I found HB a corporation I enjoyed playing. I like all the ROBOTS, and I ended up tweaking this deck so much over time. I like the ELPs, Red Herrings and NAPDs to be taxing. I've changed my ice so much though. I often get really rich with this deck which is great, but most times I've built a massive scoring server, the runner gets through too easily. I often just try and trick them into running into a PAD campaign or something to create a scoring opportunity next turn. I appreciate the Biotics when I see them, as my money is usually good. I don't know, the deck has done really well in local games for me, but didn't do well in the tournament. Maybe it's too slow or trying to do too many things. Or maybe it was bad luck. Who knows. I like it still, anyway, but maybe I'll try NEXT ice next?

26 Jul 2015 RubbishyUsername

Why not Caprice instead of Red Herrings? It's a cheap way - in both senses of the word - of stopping Runners getting in your servers.

26 Jul 2015 thepandalion

Because Caprice works for the competition! At HB, we only hire robots and fish. ;)

3 Aug 2015 Fentonizer

I'd also be tempted to lose the Enigma for another Ichi 1.0

3 Aug 2015 Fentonizer

Oh, whoops, that doesn't work, does it? Still short one influence. I dunno then. seems tough. All that ice is solid, so it's either the Blacklist or a Red herrings, but both are very good also. It's a tough one to try and squeeze him in, but it's worth doing. I think the benefit he gives will far outweigh having 18 ice.