My brothers deck?

Shub 46

Hide the Takeover on your glenn station. (I'm considering to play the operation to search F&E for an agenda to get the station when needed) Copy with Orion and Wormhole the creepy middle subroutine of Heimdall 2.0 or the subroutine of Excalibur, Cortex Lock or Cell Portal. Shit money through operations Try to destroy killers and decoders to get free MU's for your cortex lock. if you have much money keep ice lines unclear till you feel you can get one agenda (Considering to play another operation, Punitive counterstrike)

More description may follow

29 Jul 2015 FarCryFromHuman

You should absolutely play Punitive Counterstrike if you are playing Government Takeover. That's pretty much a given.

You won't be able to use Cell Portal's sub with Wormhole/Orion unless it's rezzed, which will be very tricky to accomplish without a way to rez it manually. You have a single OAI but you don't want to use it on a 5 rez. It's not a bad piece of ICE when you can keep the runner from jacking out, but since you can't, I'd say swap it for Inazuma or Chum or something. Those are way nastier subs to fire IMO.