Master Roshi - US Nationals Top 16

ThroneRunner 197

The deck is discussed in depth here

2 Aug 2015 sruman

With only Rototurrent as hard end the run ice, how is the IT department generally protected? Does the Caprice go in there? Or the IT department essentially bait for the runner to make an expensive run and trash?

2 Aug 2015 whirrun

Wow, so I'm intrigued. Seems like you would be at the mercy of any early game pressure, good meta call, or am I missing something?

2 Aug 2015 sruman

Imho, the mantra of HB glacier player running the 7 or 8 point agenda suite is ... trust your R&D. Often you won't even rez the R&D ice against single access even if you can because it'll hurt your momentum or prevent protecting your money assets (or rezzing them without BBG). Plus there is architect and eli so that's 6 ice which can be counted as earlier game ( roto too maybe but you'll save that as a nasty surprise ).

2 Aug 2015 ANRguybrush

how was the noise matchup?

3 Aug 2015 ThroneRunner

@sruman The IT department, for me, served a dual purpose. It's an expensive distraction for the runner and if left unchecked serves to lock them out of almost everything. I would usually protect it with an inazuma and turing/eli depending on game state.

@whirrun Because there are only 7 agendas, as @sruman said I'm not overly concerned with R&D single accesses. Eli, Architect and Turing are fantastic early game while getting the economy going.

3 Aug 2015 SlayerCNV

aren't 3 Turing too many?

3 Aug 2015 Bananifier

Have you thought about replacing the second Ichi 1.0 by a Sagittarius? With ITD 'on', it's pretty much a guaranteed program trashed.

Congrats on your perfs!

3 Aug 2015 MikeJS

@SlayerCNV, I can't speak for @ThroneRunner, but as someone who plays an Eater-Keyhole deck, 3x Turing is a great amount.

Delighted to see you made top 16 at nationals @ThroneRunner, I like your work on YouTube. This is a tasty looking deck. Corporate Troubleshooter and ITD mean some bad things are almost guaranteed to happen to the runner if they slip up even a little. I especially like the Inazuma include... Why did people stop playing that card?!

4 Aug 2015 (A)Joke

Playing a similar deck i was destroyed by Hacktivist Meeting. Do you have problems with that card?

4 Aug 2015 ThroneRunner

@(A)Joke I was fortunate enough not to run into any Hacktivist Meeting. The original version of this deck included 2 Enhanced Login Protocols as a hard counter specifically for that. Definitely more of a meta call I think.

4 Aug 2015 SlayerCNV

I played this deck (variating a bit the ices) and I met a guy with 2 hacktivist meeting. Just try to score an agenda in the moment you can kill the meeting and rez assets and upgrade without agendas in Hand. Here hacktivist is popular and I'm considering to add ELP. But it hardly depends

14 Aug 2015 voltorocks

Love this deck @ThroneRunner! Big Fan of your card-by-card deckbuilding videos, and I was psyched to see this one after glimpsing it in action at nationals! (it's not scouting if you're 60 some tables down...)

I gotta say, I love the flavor of this deck, very "back to basics-" make money, rez ICE, lock them out. I've sleeved it up and it's hard to beat. IT department is a brute of a card and using in on Inazuma to lead into powerful bioroids is a stroke of genius!

You mention in your video that you feel you were shot down in the cut by bad matchups, but I didn't catch what they were. I'm curious what runners you feel have the best answers to this deck, and how you might play/build it differently to adjust for that?

15 Aug 2015 ThroneRunner

@voltorocks thanks for the support, man. I'm glad you're enjoying this deck, takes a bit to get used to the slower pace of play.

PPVP Kate definitely has the best answers to this deck. She has the best answers to every deck... Because of the low agenda density I find that she is able to get setup and start digging much sooner than I'd like. As a result I get stuck at 6 points and can't find the last agenda before she can.

Leela can also be problematic if you do not commit to rezzing "all the things". It sucks to be broke, but sucks more to have inazuma get bumped back into your hand and throw off the order. Rez everything on breaker bay at the end of your turn, don't worry about her seeing Ash/Caprice as they should assume already that they are present. Troubleshooter I never rez until necessary though.

15 Aug 2015 voltorocks

"As a result I get stuck at 6 points and can't find the last agenda before she can." I'm finding this is almost always what happens when I lose. Often, the remote is utterly uncontested, I just can't get an agenda in there! It seems crazy, but I'm starting to wonder if a singleton fast track would help me close out games with NAPD...