skydivingninja 411

An update from a deck I took to the NC Regionals and went 3-4 (NonFaust Quetzal went 4-3). In my games, I noticed the following things were wrong with the deck that lead to a lot of frustration:

-Too much Datapike and Caduceus. Kept drawing into them late game when they were useless. So I dropped them down to 2 copies each because they're still useful enough early on.

-No Private Contracts or Adonis Campaign makes Blue Sun kinda sad on the money game.

-Not enough traps. I kept wanting runners with Faust to hit traps more often than not, and so after hitting my 1 copy of Contract Killer, Ghost Branch, or Shattered Remains, they were free to steal agendas.

-Not enough Ice. I had 16 pieces, and when 6 of them are early game only, it's a big problem.

-Too many agendas. 12 is too many. Not worth it to go the Hostile Takeover/Archer route right now, IMO.

However, it did have some strong points:

-Kill potential. This deck had it.

-Janus. This card has been great for securing flatlines and giving Faust a hard time. 3 influence is tough but it's proved its merit time and time again.

-Traps. When they hit, it's glorious.

I decided to take some inspiration from Lanri 2.0 and add Traffic Accident and Power Shutdown to the deck. Private Contracts made it's way in, as well as more traps! The goal is to install-advance-advance whatever you draw, trap or agenda. If it's a failed trap, or an agenda they didn't run on, just leave it until you either want to score the agenda or replace it. As soon as it comes out, Alternative Channels is going in this deck to mitigate the economic investment. It's almost as good as GRNDL Refinery.

I think traps are one of the best ways to mitigate the now super-fast setup time of the most dominant runners out there (Kate, Faust decks, stealth Andy), and with the amount of money Blue Sun can make, it's a good match. Hopefully I'll have the chance to see if it's any better in a league or tournament very soon.