Increditble Credlock

moondark89 196

As EtF loves installing cards, this deck is quite Asset econ-reliant. The advantage of this is, allowing you to install these on open Remotes. The runner will typically waste a click running on them, and also possibly paying the expensive trash costs vs the-easy-to-break-even rez costs. This will force the runner into blowing large chunks of his early credits on trashing your Econ resources, or allow you to get a solid credit stash.

The aim of the deck is to totally credit lock the runner. Your aim is to set up a remote scoring server: Heinlein Grid + Ash 2X3ZB9CY/Red Herrings with an Agenda, at least one ETR bioroid and Troll out front. This is even more secure if you have a False Lead scored as back up. When the Runner encounters Troll on the Heinlein Grid server, the Trace is started. If you win the Trace, they lose a click and all of their credits (due to Heinlein Grid, or End the Run. If they continue, they can then run into your nasty Bioroid and attempt to click through, at which point, you may want to forfeit your False Lead. If they still make it through, you either have Ash 2X3ZB9CY to activate against a Runner with 0 credits, meaning they cant beat the Trace or Ash 2X3ZB9CY, or a Red Herrings which they also cannot or steal the Agenda. If you lose the Trace, at least hope that you have taxed them down to insufficient credits to break your Bioroid ICE and then beat the Ash 2X3ZB9CY trace or pay the Red Herrings steal cost. The Runner should be sufficiently broke after stealing a single agenda, allowing you a few rounds of breathing room to recover credit dominance, or sneak another Agenda out.

Your game plan aims to establish an economic dominance over the runner, so that they will always be heavily taxed from accessing Agendas through your Heinlein Grid Troll combination, and secondarily stopped by Ash 2X3ZB9CY/Red Herrings.

However, remember not to take an all-in approach with increasing Trolls Trace strength, as the Runner may chose to not pay anything, End the Run and re-Run the Server again. Very rarely will this drain their credits. However, it forces them to realistically choose between beating the Trace or Ending the Run (As no-one would really choose to run with 0 credits with Ash 2X3ZB9CY and Red Herrings at the end of the line). Troll with Heinlein Grid forces the Runner to either pay to match your Trace and be allowed to run, without clicking through your Bioroids, run with 0 credits or End the Run. Think of the user approaching Troll as an opportunity to Tax them as heavily as you would like before they start their run through your Bioroids, with additional expensive/nasty taxing upgrades also at the end. This is one reason that economic dominance is so important in this deck. If they trash an installed Eve Campaign early game, that is a 5 credit loss the Runner has taken, and can make all the difference with an early Heinlein Grid Troll server. The longer the runner leaves it rezzed, the less benefit of trashing it and giving you further economic gains.

If you have a False Lead scored and the Runner foolishly decides to try and run through your Bioroid ICE using remaining clicks, you can forfeit your False Lead to force them to slam face first into the full Bioroid sub-routines (trash 2 programs, 1 tag and 1 brain damage from an Ichi 2.0, ouch).

Brain-Taping Warehouse is included to assert more early game pressure. With a free rez-cost (due to Corp ability) and a 4 cost, an early Runner choosing to trash this will seriously hurt his early economy. If he leaves it out, he is forced to choose between making risky runs through your early Bioroids with fewer clicks, or allowing you to rez them for free/cheap.

A scored Utopia Fragment can pretty much bring agenda stealing totally out of the Runners dreams. I would be shocked if a Runner has a spare 13 to steal your NAPD Contract (4 from NAPD, 4 from Utopia Fragment after you Install-Advance-Advance and 5 from Red Herrings) AFTER beating your Troll trace, bypassing your Bioroids using only breakers (no clicks) and beating your Ash 2X3ZB9CY trace.

Shinobi is included as a potential insta-win condition. Make Shinobi the outermost card on a Heinlein Grid server. When the Runner approaches, rez Shinobi and forfeit a False Lead, leaving the Runner to eat 6 Net Damage and 0 credits.

This deck lacks Jackson Howard as I do not currently have the Opening Moves data pack. When it becomes available, it would be possible to switch out 1x Shinobi, 1x Viper for 2x Jackson Howard.