Fast and furioso

dmipgoz 27

Hi there.

Working on weyland with oaktown. I really think with this agenda core weyland may shine like a sun.

In addition I want to use my alt art ID

4 Aug 2015 Dane_Bramage

How has this list performed? I ask because you've included some of the cards I was going to use to upgrade the Oaktown Funk deck I have been playing that @DonutTaganes put together. Specifically interested in how Underway Renovation and Power Shutdown have worked out for you. Also, any thoughts to splashing a Swordsman to help against cards like Faust?

4 Aug 2015 roninbodhisattva

I have a deck very similar to this so I'd also be interested in hearing how the Underway Renovation is working out. Could be an interesting splash for 1x Hostile Takeover since it can be sacked to Archer. Are the mills you get for it worth it with so many runners playing out of their heap lately?