Selective Mind-Blowing

Dydra 2773

This is just an early take I have on the new ID that's coming in the last data pack of this cycle.

Generally I can see it going into two directions. One forcing just raw Net damage to threaten flat-line conditions + slowing down. The other is to abuse the selective net damage, to trash breakers and then reinforce with a lot of trash subs and upgrades ( for example Grail Ice + Batty).

Since I love to play kill decks, I decided to build the first one - first!

Reclamation is to pick up your Neurals (No longer afraid to ping them with that card, without killing them) and econ.

Scorched is there because of the Kitsune + Snare

BLC is pretty random, I just feel that the deck can benefit from some card draw and money for 2 free influence.

Fun note , built the deck at first without spending 1 influence. I don't feel the jacksons are really needed and the Scorch Twist is pointless without Kitsune and Snare!.

That being said, I'll make a trash-focused deck as well. Still few months away from this data pack.

5 Aug 2015 PeterCapObvious

I like it, these new IDs are gonna be so much fun to play

5 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Neural EMP is such a dick move in Chronos Protocol, and I love the Reclamation Order. Just when the runner thought he'd have a turn where he could run and not lose something important...

The Scorched Earth twist is cute but I feel like it's going to sit in your hand as a dead card more often than not. It might be better as a singleton. The extra influence could go to a Biotic Labor (you have 4 agendas you can FA), two more Blue Level Clearance, two more Reclamation Orders, or hell, Aggressive Secretary would be great.

Subliminal Messaging would be a fun combo with Neural EMP, either run and lose something important from your hand if you leave the corp with two credits, or give the corp one credit.

No ETR ICE scares me but hey, that's how this deck plays. A single Himitsu-Bako would be good to force out a fracter but with all the damage flying around it might not be necessary.

5 Aug 2015 Zenit

how do you put tags on the runner? are you expecting a lot of Account Siphon?

5 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

He's planning to have a Snare! in hand when the runner hits a Kitsune on a late run, leaving them no time to both draw back up and chuck the tag. In Jinteki it's not common to see Scorched Earth, so drawing back up is the common move, but that likely won't be enough cards to save them.

5 Aug 2015 Zenit

still, i don't see where is coming the tag.

5 Aug 2015 Dydra

@FarCryFromHuman good point about the Subliminal Messaging. Would totally include it. I'm wondering about what sort of econ to exactly run with this. There is no inherited asset protection (like genomics or RP), so event based is the way to go I guess ... Subliminal Messaging and maybe even go further with Celebrity Gift , since they combo well and you don't really care if you show him your Neural EMP's lol.

Just to go a bit further, might worth to include Shocks on Archive, that way they will get double punished for sure. On their turn with Shock, to cancel your Subliminal and you can Neural them, if you think they have something worthy in hand. Got to cut on Ronnin/Snare/Mushin/Psychic though ..

Biotic Labor is nice too... I'm not sure how much a single one would achieve though, except secure a HoK or a Philotic Nuke.

5 Aug 2015 Dydra

@Zenit read what Snare! does.

5 Aug 2015 Zenit

@Dydra omg, thx. I always forgot that part from snare. Thank you!

5 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Securing a House of Knives seems really important in this ID. You really want to be able to deal a single net every turn. You've got Neural EMP for net on your turn, but HoK is net on the runner's turn. You can definitely score HoK without FA shenanigans, but it does make life easier.

5 Aug 2015 Dydra

Well, you can do that via Hokusai Grid and Snare! / Fetal AI obviously :) but HoK helps a lot too obviously :)

Gotta love how this ID addresses I've Had Worse though haha. :)

5 Aug 2015 FarCryFromHuman

Oh totally, but House of Knives is slightly more in your control than the others, which the runner can play around while still doing his thing. If he runs anywhere at all he's eating HoK counters.

The control over I've Had Worse is pretty absurd. Poke around it til you have them within range for Ronin/Snare and then blast them. Slower but more reliable and easier to trigger than Traffic Accident, and takes little to no effort on your part. I love it.

5 Aug 2015 RubbishyUsername

A one of Shock would be pretty brutal especially when dealing with sucker decks. Same reasoning as Neural EMP.

7 Aug 2015 Dydra

Got it in my updated version. Also I just realized that 2 or 3 of Chronos Project are perfect for this deck. No recursion in the world could save them once you hammer out their key pieces.

8 Sep 2015 cranked

Really like the look of the deck. Reclamation Order to get back your Neural EMPs is just filthy.

Playing Mushin makes me want to fit advanceable traps, maybe a 1x Cerebral Overwriter or some Junebugs? Or if you want to go the program trashing route, Aggressive Secretary is a no-brainer.