HB - 'Faust's Shadow' (1st place Summer GNK, Swansea)

Dr_Madhatter 463

With Faust being the new hotness I figured I'd need to build a deck which could deal with it. I knew Turing and Wraparound would do well so they were first on the list.

Aside from Imp, most Faust builds don't have a sustainable way of trashing the Adonis and Eve campaigns. So they go in too, with Breaker Bay Grid complimenting them.

The deck performs well against other runner archetypes too. HB is very good at rushing out Agendas using the NEXT Ice suite. Also, Crisium Grid provides protection on central servers which is critical in countering Account Siphon and Maker's Eye runs.

HB have always been good at taxing the runner and this is no different. With so little operation cards, there are plenty of opportunities to bluff an agenda. This forces the runner to waste some credits and hopefully open up a scoring window for NAPD Contract or a juicy 3 pointer.

Marcus Batty won't always fire off NEXT Gold but the threat is real and it still has the ability to act as a nice end the run if needed.

The deck has performed well and I'm quite pleased with it. Especially in the matchup against Faust Decks, hence the deck's name.

14 Aug 2015 WarpGhost

Haven't got to use Batty yet but the anti-Faust aspects feels legitimate in my limited testing; certainly feels less helpless to Faust than other decks I've tested. I'm not happy with the Wraparounds though, Faust decks seem to run Snowball/Corroder for just this eventuality so they're barely a speedbump. I probably wouldn't cut both, but 2 is too much of a risk. I also feel I would prefer Vitruvius over ABT as the main 3-pointer, as triggering ABT is always a massive risk outside Foundry.

15 Aug 2015 Dr_Madhatter

@WarpGhost Thank you for the feedback.

I'm glad to hear that someone is playing the deck!

With Wraparound, I have 2 because cheap end the run ice (this one with the added benefit of stopping AI breakers) can be invaluable in the early game for a number of reasons. Gear checking, rushing agendas, siphon/keyhole protection to name a few.

Also, I find it good against ppvp Kate to whittle away lady counters. As well as maybe baiting her to use parasite/clone chip.

With the agendas, I suppose it's personal preference. They both have their uses. I do like to pop the odd Accelerated Beta Test if I feel like the risk could be worth it. It's won me games. Also with Jackson on the board it can be safe enough.