MaxXwell Murder v2

Skeletons 147

In short: Morning Star and Paintbrush and utensils. Paint and smash!

An update for my previous deck born from practising against a broader variety of decks and getting a better feel for MaxX.

I took this deck to the Swansea Summer GNK (my first GNK!) and it performed admirably. I didn't place highly but I won 2/3 of my runner games, which is pretty good for me. :)

Changes from the previous version:

  1. Datasucker replacing D4v1d. In nearly all cases it's less expensive to spend sucker tokens with Morning Star than to use D4v1d. The Datasucker doesn't need recursion either.

  2. Added Scrubbed, and all the mean strength 6-7 ICE is suddenly within Morning Star's reach. It's so much quicker than relying on Datasucker alone, and having a counter for ELP is useful too.

  3. Added Clone Chips and removed the Interfaces, to minimise the tempo loss from facechecking program-trashing ICE (as you do). The deck definitely performs better now despite a lack of multi-access.

  4. Turntable over Spinal Modem. While breaking and trashing ICE with 0 creds was a laugh, ultimately the vulnerability to traces works against the deck. I chose Turntable to compensate for losing multi-access, ensuring I get the most out of stolen agendas. It also helps against Astrotrain FA, and solves the special case that would lock this deck out of a server permanently (Lotus Field + Encrypted Portals).

10 Aug 2015 Lttlefoot

Paintbrush only works on rezzed ice. This means when you first face-check an ice that's not a barrier, it will get to do nasty things to you (damage, tags, program trashing etc). Have you considered 1 Faust or 1 Eater to handle that situation?

10 Aug 2015 Skeletons

@Lttlefoot Thanks for the question!

As it stands, you just have to take the risk and run first click. Most ICE in most decks will bounce you with little/no harm done, but either way each subsequent run on that server swings really heavily in your favour.

A solid AI for the most dangerous encounters would be great, but working around the hefty MU cost of the deck's two core programs is tough. Maybe it's worthwhile swapping an AI for the Datasucker? I'll have to give that a try.