When you're Hungry, Eat.

dupl3x 50

First crack at an Apex deck. Lots of trashable cards. Wasteland pays you back for things like Cache and Ghost Runner. No idea how it'll play.

10 Aug 2015 junkmail

It seems strange not to run one console or another. Maybe run heartbeat instead of the plascretes?

10 Aug 2015 CommissarFeesh

Swordsman going to sting. I mean, I know it doesn't hurt Endless Hunger because it's not an AI - but Endless Hunger can't break Swordsman either.

10 Aug 2015 W4lt3r B15h0p

Use Grappling Hook to kill the all the nastier sub-routines and Endless Hunger for the "end or run" subs.

10 Aug 2015 Happyam

I would put E3 in the deck to make Endless Hunger more efficient.

And note that Endless Hunger cost 4 memory, so .... if you are going to use Endless Hunger as you main breaker, then unless you have all three Akamatsu out, you will not benefit from Data Folding... And you also have Keyhole! which cost 2 Memory... And you probably want to use Eater with it? So... you 7 memory is full even you have 3 Akamatsu installed... And its console is awesome, for 2 cost, you get 1 Mem + the ability to prevent damage by trashing installed cards.

I would think the main goal for Apex is to build up and use Apocalypse. So you do not want to commit too much on the board, and have redundancy in you had, like 3 of Heartbeat and Endless Hunger