Hacker Mom 1.0

pang4 807

Sunny brings back classic Netrunner: money, breakers and running. No more, no less. Quick breakdown:

Events are economy and aid so you can set up faster. Don't worry about overdrawing with Quality Time; with Modded and Career Fair, you can dump cards relatively quickly. The Special Orders are there to mitigate her increased deck size and lack of tutors.

Hardware is general utilities. Security Nexus is obviously the nuts, especially when you use Modded to get it out. Rabbit hole is there to mitigate the money cost of Nexus's Tracesm as well as to make Security Chip awesome. Security Chip says "U NO CAN HAZ SCORING WINDOW", as the threat of one of these bad boys plunking down and earning you anywhere from five to fifteen credits is insane. Just having one on the board is a huge psychological threat, as the corp's Expensive ICE no longer serves much of a purpose. If you want in, you're in. Feedback and Plascrete as your standard "I don't wanna die"-cards. 2 Feedbacks because against the decks where you need it, you need it FAST.

Resources is where Sunny is at. Daily Casts, Data Folding, Earthrise, and Underworld Contact provide so much clickless ecomomy it's insane. Career Fair has been out for a while now, and we've already seen what a powerhouse it can be with economic resources. But that's not why we play Sunny, is it? Her unique resources are where she shines. Globalsec Security Clearance is an instant RnD lock, and with clickless econ, you shouldn't have a problem with losing the click. One possibility here is Adjusted Chronotype, but that seems too janky. If you need the click, just don't peek. Speaking of clicks, Jak Sinclair compresses your clicks even further. Punish open Jacksons and PADs like theree's no tomorrow, and laugh at single-ice servers with your Nexus out. He also works wonders with John Masanori for some extra draws.

Finally, Sunny's breaker suite is decent enough to not have to splash. You do have trouble with small, 2-strength ICE, but besides Enigma, there aren't too many of them. Multithreader is too awesome not to play, since you have somewhat expensive breakers.

You will want to mulligan for, as with most Runner decks, money and card draw. It's generally better to just draw cards than to click for credits, because of the density of economy cards in your deck.

Questions, tips and discussion is appreciated.